CORTLAND OH- Lakeview has seen an era of prosperity inside their volleyball program in the recent past. They’ve been one of the more dominant programs in the area for years.  Last season was one of their best as they were led by a great senior class that was part of 3 league championships.  Those seniors have now graduated and all eyes are on what’s next for the Bulldogs.  If you ask head coach Heather Guthrie however, there is no cause for alarm. It’s true that there may be a new look to the Bulldogs this season, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be successful.  They bring hungry young talent that are anxious to prove that Lakeview has a lasting program.

Coach Guthrie was kind enough to take the time to sit down with YSN’s Anthony Hartwig to give us a in depth preview of the upcoming season.  They talk about the legacy of leadership last year’s seniors left, what the strengths of this team will be now, and much more. Check out Episode 1 of Coach’s Corner With Heather Guthrie only on YSN!

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