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CANFIELD, OH- When your play draws comparison to one of the greatest professional football players in history, you can get comfortable with getting a new nickname from your coaching staff.

Landon Moore has done just that.

His alter ego “Lenny” has brought loving admiration from teammates and family alike.  Moore’s other alias has been “Lando” throughout his life, but no matter what you call him these days- it had better come with some respect on it.

The Raider linebacker has upped his game this year to help the Raiders get to the undefeated mark through the regular season, and having his number called plenty of times along the way.  When you game plan for South Range, you have to account for where “15” is going to be on the field, and the simple answer is: everywhere.

Moore will chase you from sideline to sideline, and his speed and agility will limit your ability to earn those critical yards, and you’ll often time find Moore leading the Burgundy swarm that South Range is known for.

We checked in with “Lenny” to speak about the season, his teammates, family, and goals and ambitions for his future.


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