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Photo Credit: Chris Giovannone

MINERAL RIDGE OH- Mineral Ridge senior Haleigh Thomas has not seen her senior season on the volleyball team go as planned.  Am injury has severely limited her playing time, and that has been hard to accept.  With such an uncertain summer with COVID-19, this set back had an opportunity to damper the enthusiasm of Taylor, but Haleigh is built different.  She has taken this adversity in stride and has worked to find ways to lead her team in different ways.


Haleigh has become an emotional asset to the Rams this season.  When she is not able to be out on the floor with her teammates, she makes sure the energy is high on the bench.  As we have seen this season finding ways to keep energy high with the COVID regulations have been hard for some teams, but Taylor makes sure that the Rams never struggle in that category.  Haleigh is also an extra set of eyes in practice, and during the match.  She is always looking for opportunities to see things and notice ways to help her team improve on the court.  She is always there to give her team a helping hand.  She has found countless ways to lead through the adversity she is currently fighting.


Haleigh took the time to talk with YSN’s Anthony Hartwig.  They discuss being a senior leader, some of her favorite memories with the volleyball program, and much more.  You wont want to miss this exclusive player profile with the fifth senior on the Rams team “Leading Through Adversity.”


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