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CANFIELD, OH- On every team, in every school-there is one person.  A person who views things from a different lens.  A person who is a “teamer.”  One individual who does not take what they have earned for granted.  A point of light to which coaching staff can point to and say, we need more of “this guy or girl.”

In South Range.  Isaac Less is that person.

A young man who put in his time and earned his stripes while putting personal goals to the side for the betterment of his team, his family, and his teammates.

Less is a senior who is cherishing every minute he’s competing on the offensive line.  He loves being around his friends, and even more so, loves standing side-by-side and defending the honor that it is the wear the burgundy and gold.  You can ask anybody inside the four walls of South Range High School, Isaac Less is as good as they come when it comes to respect, honor, and integrity.

We sat down with the Raider tackle to discuss this year, his path, and where he wants to continue after his days are done at the Range.  We proudly present this week’s YSN South Range Player Profile: Less is More at South Range.



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