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Photo Credit: Chris Giovannone

MINERAL RIDGE OH- Katelyn Lesko is a staple of the Mineral Ridge offense this season. She brings strong attacking, and a fast arm swing to her game which makes her extremely hard to slow down. She is a part of every opponent’s game plan.

What goes beyond her stat sheet however, is her leadership and work ethic. Lesko did not wake up one day and automatically find herself one of the best hitters in the area. It took tremendous work, and a whole lot of reps. She gets plenty of swings in the offseason playing club volleyball. It is crucial to a players development and growth to play in the offseason. Katelyn’s experience is invaluable. Lesko’s volleyball experience puts her in a great position to be a leader to the younger girls on the team. She is someone who players can come to for advice on how to improve their game. Katelyn is almost like an extra coach on the court.

This season so far Katelyn has collected 205 kills. She also plays fantastic defense as she currently has 166 digs. That ranks first on the team in kills, and second on the team in digs. She also has served up 43 aces which is also second on the team.

Anthony Hartwig caught up with Katelyn to talk about her senior season. They discuss her leadership qualities, what its like being coached by her dad, and much more. Rams fans can learn all about their star hitter in the latest player profile “Let’s Go Lesko!”

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