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HANOVERTON OH- There are many great soccer players in the area. As the sport grows in popularity, especially in the youth level we see more and more talent come through to the high school ranks.  United has a hidden gem that maybe not too many people have heard about. Under the radar Maddox Andrea has scored 26 goals on the season at the time of this interview for United, and to that point he has also racked in 11 assists.  I’m just 13 games played he has his hands in 37 goals.  Because United lives in their own little world down in Hanoverton they can tend to be overlooked by people. Well we are here to fix that. United is one of the best soccer teams in division 3, ranked as number 12 in the state. Last season, the Eagles got so close to a district championship. They fell just short in the championship game. Andrea is a complete student of the game, and because of that he has broke down the film of that game and taken a lot of lessons from it. He and his teammates have also gotten extremely hungry from it. Whoever has to get in Andrea’s way this year in the district better watch out.

Andrea took the time this week to talk to Anthony Hartwig and DJ Yokley on YSN’s Running Point about his season. They also discuss the work ethic he has adopted in his career, some of the things he has taken from the high level soccer he plays, and so much more. Spread your wings and check out the latest United Soccer Player Profile only YSN!

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