CANFIELD OH- When things aren’t going right for a team and they need to turn it around, it’s always the experience they turn towards. Leaders that have been there before, and have come out the other side. True leaders stand up when others stay down. It’s easy to lead when things are going right, but the question is who shows up when they’re not.  South Range had to discover that this season after an 0-5 start.  Dylan Turvey was one of the players that put his feet on the line and never backed down from the challenge.  He’s been a staple in this program since his freshman year, and there was no way he was about to let it fail.

Turvey leads the best by making sure his teammates know he’s willing to do everything they are being asked of.  If the Raiders need someone to score, Dylan has it covered, if the Raiders need a distributer to make others wide open, Dylan has it covered, if the Raiders need lock down defense, Dylan has it covered. Point of the matter is Dylan is a player that does whatever it takes for the team to succeed.  He buys in to the brotherhood that has been the factor in the Raiders turnaround.  Just like all great leaders do, Turvey stood up when the outside world expected him to fall down. His team followed suit.

Dylan was kind enough to take some time to do an interview with YSN’s Anthony Hartwig.  They talk about the conversations that were had during the team’s turnaround, what he’s learned throughout his career, and much more.  Check out the latest South Range basketball Player Profile only on YSN.

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