KINSMAN, OHIO- The Maplewood Rockets came into town on senior night to take on the Badger Braves. In a game that meant so much for the Braves and their NAC championship run, it was a game that was back and forth the entire way.

The Braves were led by Duncan Moy, who dropped 26. The Rockets kept up with the Braves with a lot of second attempt shots and by the hot hand Andrew Barnett, who dropped 6 three pointers on his way to a 24 point performance. The Rockets pulled away at the end just enough to slide pass the Braves 59-56.

With the loss the Braves are now out of contention to win the NAC championship, but will try to finish off the season strong and try to get prepared for tournament play.

The Braves will be back in action when they travel to Pymatuning Valley this Friday to take on the Lakers.

*Contributed By YSN’s Matt Morrison