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The Cardinals are in the final stretch of their regular season. A season that has seen tremendous highs, and frustrating lows. Only four games remaining until the tournament starts and Coach Palermo is refusing to let his players become complacent. Despite not having school, Coach had his boys come early Friday morning for a shoot around and scouting session prior to their game tonight against a red hot Warren JFK team.

Nate Keiper caught up with Coach following this shoot around, and covered all the bases for what is left of the regular season for Mooney. Coach Palermo discusses it all; the game on Tuesday against Chaney, how important mental toughness is, and why he loves playing back to back games. Tournament time means tensions are high, and those best prepared for those moments are the ones who succeed. And the Cardinals certainly fit the bill. Episode four of the Coach’s Corner sponsored by MP Vivo is here to get you ready for this weekend’s action.

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