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ASHTABULA OH- Look out YSN nation, here comes Edgewood! As we welcome in the Warriors into the fold, lets take time to highlight one of their impressive senior athletes. If you said  Joclyn Nicholas was a busy person, that would be an understatement. She is a senior captain on the volleyball team, she also competes in cross country, and she is a decorated horseback rider. When asked what she does in her off time, she says she runs a photography business.

On the floor Nicholas is a great middle blocker for the Warriors. As a middle, she is the first line of defense for her team. When she first was put into this position as a young volleyball player, it was not what she wanted. Now she relishes in the feeling of a big block and being the player that keeps the opponents from putting the ball on the floor. Nothing beats the feeling of a big block at the net. It can dramatically turn the momentum of a game. Joclyn was a leader in the 11 win Edgewood team in 2021, and promises to be a big reason why they succeed in 2022.

Joclyn was able to talk to YSN’s Anthony Hartwig earlier this week to talk about her senior season. She talks about the other things that keeps her busy, the culture of Edgewood, and so much more. Check out the first of many profiles on Edgewood athletes only on YSN.

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