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When the baseball season began, the hype around the local teams was set around pitching, and what teams looked like as last season closed.  For the Lisbon Blue Devils, they’ve taken that narrative and tossed it into the fire pit along with any preconceptions of how their season was “supposed to go.”

Coach Andric and the boys looked to fill spots, and build on what they had in years past.  With that mindset, they uncaged a monster among men.  A senior who’s time had finally come to put his name on the map.

Mason Rance has a great spirit, but once he steps across that chalk, that spirit turns into an unparalleled drive to be the best on the field.  On a night where he followed up a 3-4 performance with a career record 7 RBI night, he’s truly coming into his own.  If this type of play keeps up, the trajectory for Lisbon is ‘arrow up.’T

This week’s Lisbon Player Profile served up by LiB’s Market is Mason Rance: Out of the Shadows.

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