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It takes a lot to be a full rotation player in volleyball. You have to be reliable in every spot on the floor. For freshman Maria Primavera reliability has never been a problem. Starting as a freshman never phased Primavera, not even in the beginning of the season. She describes herself as a confident player that knew she belonged on the court. Having a sister that has done the same thing when she was a freshman helps. Maria’s sister Anna’s advice to her sister was simply “stay calm.” She attributes her ability to mentally shake things off and staying calm to her start in tennis. Now nearing the end of her freshman season Maria has been a major impact on the team. Maria is one of only 2 players to have 40+ kills and digs. She also is no slouch on the service line. That is the definition of being reliable in volleyball. 

Anthony Hartwig caught up with Maria to talk about what its been like having such a big role as a freshman, playing with her sister, and much more. Learn all you need to know about the Raiders youngest star in the latest Player Profile Primetime is Just Getting Started.

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