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GARRETTSVILLE OH- Passion for a sport a the level that you see in players like Gabby Barnard.  Not only does Gabby play volleyball for Garfield, but she also plays almost all year round in JO Volleyball.  Her mind is always on the sport. So when you dive in to her career at Garfield it is easy to see how she has become so successful. She has spent all of her off seasons playing against some of the best competition you could find in the region. The intensity and challenge that the off-season volleyball brings has sharpened her tools to become a truly great player.

Gabby is also a unique leader on the team. Her exposure to high level volleyball has taught her the importance of figuring some things out on your own. While Gabby will always be there for her teammates, she also is not going to be the player that holds everyone’s hands through every form of adversity that comes across. She’ll live by that too, she will figure things out on her own. If nothing else, she is a leader that at her best leads by example.

Barnard currently sits second on the team with 203 kills on the season. She has an average of 3.3 kills per set.  Barnard’s biggest asset on offense is her efficiency. She hits at a hitting percentage of .525.  She has only committed 36 errors on 318 attempts. Barnard is also second on the team in digs sitting at 190 at the moment.

Gabby was kind enough to take some time to hop on an interview with Anthony Hartwig to talk about her senior season. They talk about what makes Garfield feel like home, playing volleyball as much as she does, and so much more. Check out the latest Garfield Volleyball Player Profile only on YSN!

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