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STRUTHERS, OH- Friday night was a big night for the Raider football program. With a win, they keep their playoff hopes alive, but a loss would all but end their hopes. Standing in front of them was a high powered offense in the Struthers Wildcats.

The Raiders took the opening drive down the field and looked to be in a good position to score first, but then the turn over bug struck. Isaac Allegretto dropped back and threw a pass to the sidelines and was intercepted for a pick-six. The extra point was blocked, so the Wildcats had just a 6-0 lead. But the lead would not last for long. The Raider offense would drive again all the way down the field for a touchdown. The Raiders would take the lead on the extra point, and the scoring began. The teams would exchange blows all night. The Raiders would score, then the Wildcats would score. The largest lead by any team was 8 when the Raiders took that into halftime. Struthers scored after halftime on a 69-yard run by QB, Aiden Hall.  The ‘Cats would go for 2 and get it to tie things at 35.  The Raiders would be able to get a stop on a failed fourth-down conversion by Struthers. They turned that into points and regained the lead, which they never relinquished. Both teams would score one more time but the Raiders closed things out with a 49-42 win.

The standout for the Wildcats was Big Dog of the Valley winner, Aiden Hall. He finished with 197 yards rushing and 2 TD’s on 14 carries. Hall also was 4-10 with 135 yards through the air and 2 touchdown strikes. Adding to the offense was Adrian Brown who rushed for 120 yards and 1 score. The Raiders offense was well balanced. Isaac Allegretto led the way with 216 yards passing with 2 TD’s, and 40 yards on the ground with 2 scores. Dylan Dominquez lead all Raider rushers with 139 yards and 2 scores.

The Raiders return home next week for Senior Parent night vs Hubbard Eagles. Raiders need a win to secure a place in the playoffs in Div 5. Struthers goes on the road to Poland for an important game for them as well, as both teams are jockeying for position in Div 4. Wildcats and Raiders are both sitting 7th in the computer rankings and could use a win next week to be in position to see week 11.

*Story contributed by YSN’s Paul Munson

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