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Much as it has been all season long, the night belonged to the Rams. Mineral Ridge continues their dominant run as they took down the Lowellville Rockets on Tuesday night in three sets. Set one was close early, but in no time the Rams jumped out to a huge lead and took home a 25-10 start to the game. Set two saw Gianna Parris go on a huge run serving the ball as the Rams earned over ten points while she was in control as they would win 25-9. Set three was the most competitive of the night as Lowellville kept it close for a while, but they didn’t have enough fire power to keep up with this stellar Rams squad as the Ridge won the set 25-11. Faith Schneider, Hannah Loeb, Ava Hulett, and Olivia Booth were outstanding at the net tonight for the Rams. Schneider’s power was unmatched as multiple times she sent a steamer directly into the arms of an awaiting Rocket only for it to bounce 40 feet off the player and out of bounds.

Mineral Ridge came into the night ranked #31 in the state of Ohio and now add on to their spectacular season moving to (6-0) and (5-0) in MVAC Scarlet play. They have their toughest game of the season thus far coming up on Thursday as they battle it out for first place of the conference against McDonald who was (6-1) coming into the night after losing their game last week to Canfield. Lowellville drops to (1-6) and (0-5) in conference play and the will play on the road again this week as on Thursday they will take on Waterloo who came into the night at (2-3).

*Contributed By YSN’s Alek Koberna

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