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EAST PALESTINE, OH- One of the most difficult challenges in high school sports is to be thrust into the spotlight of a high priority role player.  The dedication it takes to hone your craft, build the trust of your teammates and coaches, as well as the growth and mental toughness it takes to accept a bigger role as an underclassman?  It’s surely not something to take for granted.

Except if you’re Junior Post Player, Morgan Rutledge.

A family that is rich in athletic success ranging from the ballfields of East Palestine to the NFL, and everywhere in between.  Morgan is a perfect combination of her family’s heritage, as well as outgoing enough to blaze a trail of her own with time left on her high school clock.

We sat down with the Bulldog Bruiser to talk about her family, her game, and her plans for the future.  All that and more in this edition of East Palestine Player Profile: Reading Rutledge.

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