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EAST PALESTINE, OH- The hardest work is done when the spotlight isn’t on you.  That’s the mantra of East Palestine Junior Guard, Joclyn Fristik.  The humble sharpshooter will be quick to compliment or give quick praise to her teammates before ever calling her own number, but it’s the hustle that she’s provided that has sparked a resurgence of hoops in EP.

Fristik was featured in a retweet in 2019’s offseason by the Miami Heat that absolutely crushed it from a numbers perspective.  The video was of Fristik alone in the gym hitting 18 straight 3-point shots, and putting the work in.  While that wasn’t the reason she filmed the workout, it surely was a surprise to her to garner so much attention.  But should it be?  Coaches around the area have 15 circled on their clipboards knowing if they contain Fristik, it forces the hand of those around her.

We caught up with Joclyn prior to EP’s second time through their gauntlet schedule to talk about the past, present, and future- but to also acquire REALFRISTIK EXPECTATIONS.


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