GARRETTSVILLE, OH- The Crestview Rebels (5-1) made the trip to play the undefeated Garrettsville G-Men (7-0)    It was Garfield who struck first in this contest with a 38-yard rushing touchdown by Anthony Demma (followed by a Lysiak XP) 7-0 G-Men.    

The Rebel’s offense came out patient and turned the game into a 7-3 game with a # 2 Brandon Yanssens 28-yard field goal.  Late in the 2nd quarter Brandon Yanssens caught a 12 yard TD pass from junior # 8 Anthony Cusick (XP by Yanssens) as the Rebels would go into the locker room at halftime with the lead. 

Crestview came out of the locker room swinging starting with a 10-yard touchdown by # 22 Senior tailback Ethan Powell (XP by Yanssens) 17- 7 REBELS 

 William Hardenbrook made arguably the best play of the game with a 76-yard rushing touchdown to give the rebels a 23-7 lead at the end of the 3rd.    

Crestview’s defense would make a huge stop on 4th down to put them into victory formation to secure a win in the regional quarterfinals.  

Crestview (6-1) will advance to the D5 regional semifinals to renew an old rivalry against the # 2 seed and undefeated South Range Raiders.    


*Story contributed by YSN’s Dylan Baker