By Ty Bartell

AUSTINTOWN OH- When referencing The Austintown-Fitch Falcons Softball Club, players from The Falcons past and present alike will all speak on the family-like atmosphere that has been created, forged by lifelong friendships and sustained through students. Madi Beaudis is one of those students that have continued the culture of Fitch Softball. 

If you have been to a Falcons game this year, you may have noticed Madi stationed out in right field. However if you do not remember ol number 18 in the outfield then surely you have heard her! When talking about the ingredients needed to make the correct culture at Austintown, one key component is “the dugout voice” that has a sole job of motivating her team while subsequently annoying the opponent. Kayla Schubert was the voice last year, known for her unique cheers and chants for the players; however, with Schubert senioring out following last season, a new voice was needed. Madi Beaudis became that voice!

Always involved with the sport since a young age, Beaudis quickly fell in love with the team atmosphere that the sport creates while also forming friendships with many of her current teammates a decade ago! Having a taste of success in her high school career, Beaudis has been a part of three straight All-American Conference Championships as well as having two District Championships under her belt!

Realizing this is her last dance on the diamond this campaign, Beaudis has aspirations of staying local and attending Youngstown State University to continue her academic career! Filled with moments, memories and more! There is no doubt you will want to catch this edition of Player Profile as Ty Bartell sits down with Fitch senior Madi Beaudis.

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