MINERAL RIDGE, OHIO- Western Reserve tipped off against Lowellville in the Division IV District Semi-Final. The Rockets got off to the hot start only allowing the Blue Devils two points in the first quarter. The Blue Devils rebounded and scored 16 points in the second quarter to go up 18-17 at the half. Western Reserve continued the tough defensive play, holding the Rockets to just ten points in the entire second half.

Alyvia Hughes and Brooke Schantz combined for 30 points on the offensive side for the Blue Devils. The Rockets Lily Vari-Coppola led the Rockets with 11 points as the Rockets tried to keep the offensive alive but to no avail as they fell to the Blue Devils 39-27. Western Reserve will take on Badger for the District Championship this Saturday night.

*Contributed By YSN’s Matt Morrison