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Lowellville, OH- Western Reserve Blue Devils traveled to Lowellville looking to reach a winning record for the first time this year. The Devils came away with the victory. Running Back David Altiere and Quarterback Luke Henning for the Blue Devils both scored 2 rushing touchdowns while Lowellville Quarterback Vinny Ballone finished the game with 4 combined touchdowns. The Blue Devils survive the Rockets with a 28-27 victory.

The game would remain scoreless at the end of the first quarter with both teams giving up turnovers. Rockets started all scoring in the second quarter with a 14 yard touchdown pass by Ballone to Brady Bunofsky to make the game 7-0. The Blue Devils would answer and score two rushing touchdowns by Altiere before going into the locker room making the game 14-7.

Third quarter continued the scoring clinic for both teams with Blue Devils Quarterback Henning scoring two rushing touchdowns in the third while Ballone found Bunofsky again to keep the close going into the fourth quarter. Ballone and the Rockets scored two big rushing touchdowns by the end of the game but were unable to convert the game winning 2-point. Western Reserve wins 28-27. Western Reserve (4-3) will travel to Springfield while Lowellville (5-2) will host McDonald. Catch both games live on

*Contributed By YSN’s Anthony Melone

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