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One day I’m going to buy an island somewhere. One day I am going to have a super huge house, on said island. One day I am going to have a super-duper fast car to drive from my house on said island. Ok who am I kidding, I never will have an island. First of all, I can’t afford one, the second I do not play the lottery so I have zero chance. Those are dreams, dreams are a good thing though. Dreams to me are goals, you’ve set in your sleep. Now I need to get back on topic here, I seriously did not plan to blog about my dreams, but yet somehow here they are. Weird, I know right? Moving on……….

Sad to report my hashtag movement of #seniorslastblast has gotten as much traction as a bald tire on ice. I still hold out hope though since it has only been a week, and my new social media accounts are still growing (SOMEONE PLEASE FOLLOW ME). Like a flower, it takes time to grow. I will have patience in this front as I saw the good news today that some sports in Ohio will be back by the end of the month. There is some light at the end of the tunnel of pulling off the event of the century.

A friend of mine recently texted me with a great concept of an idea for all football fans of the world. I will now challenge all the readers to follow suit. Please send in your answers to me on any social media platform, either twitter YSN_Rick or Instagram YSN_Rick. I want to hear back from you on this! I am curious about how different people will view this. *Note to self, Rick quit rambling and get to the point!* You have to fill a football team. You can only play with the bottom of the barrel talent, except you get to pick 5 players from any era of any time. Give me the player’s name and what year of that player you would pick. For example 1 I picked was LG Bruce Matthews from the 1999 season. So let’s see what you guys and gals think!!! #RicksFootballChallenge ( I think I will keep creating hashtags each week and hopefully one will stick sooner or later.)

I have to say what an honor it was for me to be able to be on this week’s episode of Power Hour at YSN. I can honestly say anything I have ever been able to do since joining the team has been an absolute blast. Hopefully, I did well enough to get an invite back some time, we shall see! Being given a platform to talk about things sports with a larger audience has been a dream come true for me! I will forever be grateful to all those who believe in me and give me opportunities to entertain the masses.

Something new I am going to try this week is a poem. I have been writing them off and on for years and it is something I actually enjoy doing. I will never claim to be a good writer because I do not feel I am, but that is not for me to decide. So let’s get feedback on this if you approve of my poetry skills let me know and I can continue to put them into these blogs somehow. Today’s selection goes out to our buddy Quinn, who feels Tom Brady will be NFL MVP for the upcoming season.

Flat on his back pass after pass
He cannot outrun anyone for he is not fast
He left a sure thing for something unknown
I bet by midseason he wishes he was home
In a new system so different from before
Broke into someone’s house before knocking at their door
The path to it all will be harder than before
The teams in his new division can actually score
The patriot way is what guided his success
Tampa Bay’s no risk it no biscuit mentality is a mess
He thrives on quick throws and dumps to the back
This new system uses 7 step drops to attack
He did get his Gronk but what man will he be
We will have to wait until week 1 to see
I do admit he will make the team better
He will push them all to be go-getters
In the end, for Brady I do not see
Them being better than the Saints with Drew Brees

-YSN’s Rick Dailey

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