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When you look at the Lisbon boys basketball program in recent years, one of the things you might see is that they have produced a lot of players that truly know how to shoot the ball and shoot it well. Gaige Rohm is another one of those shooters that can be seen on the floor this season as he returned back home to Lisbon from Virginia for his senior year of high school. Gaige has worked hard to perfect his shooting touch as he gets likes to get up as many shots as he can during the week in practice so on game day, he feels comfortable hitting some shots from deep. Although Gaige was away from the team throughout high school, the current senior class welcomed him back with open arms as he played with them throughout junior high. With that being said, most kids might miss a beat or be a little set back trying to fit in, for Gaige, he stepped right in and meshed great, and that can be seen on the floor as his chemistry with the others allows him to currently be shooting exactly 50% from the field on the season.

YSN’s own, D.J. Yokley was able to sit down with Gaige to talk about what it means to be back in a Lisbon Blue Devils uniform for his senior year, but also what the main differences are between playing down in Virginia compared to northeast Ohio, what his post-graduation plans are, and much more. Learn all about Gaige in this player profile with the Lisbon Blue Devils sharpshooter, Gaige Rohm!


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