SALEM OH- You can imagine how much time is sacrificed to head coach a high school athletics team. Now imagine you’re coaching two. That is a task that Salem soccer coach Mike Bailey has not shied away from. He is now the head coach of both the boys and girls programs. Salem has a unique set up where him, and two other coaches handle both teams together. The chemistry and dynamic between the three men is a big reason why it works. The Salem girls open the season this year on August 13th as part of the OHSAA’s “Friday night Futball” initiative. They will travel to United. The boys will travel to United as well opening the season on August 21st.

Mike was able to stop by in studio to visit YSN’s Running Point. He gave us an inside look at how this tri coach set up is going to work with Salem’s soccer teams. He chatted with Anthony Hartwig, and Ty Bartell about the programs culture, what got him started in soccer, and much more. It’s the start of something new in Salem and we couldn’t be more proud to shine a light on them, check out Episode 1 of Coach’s Corner with Mike Bailey.

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