SALEM OH- Salem tennis is off to a strong start to the season. When head coach Keith Parker took over last season, no one on the team had played competitive tennis. Now here they are with a week full of sweeps a year later. The Quakers turnaround has been dramatic, and coach Parker credits it to the hard work the team has put in in the off season.  It is hard to get better during the season, so a lot of their growth from year one to year two is behind the scenes work.

Coach Parker is also actively working to grow the program, and the sport of tennis in the community. They’ve had skills clinics in the winter with great turn out. Coming from a tennis hot bed in Indians, coach Parker knows what a great tennis community looks like.

Coach Parker took the time to come on YSN’s Running Point to talk about his squad this year. He gave Anthony Hartwig, and Ty Bartell and introduction to the tennis world. They also talk about team culture, growth of the sport, and much more. Check out episode 1 of Coach’s Corner with Keith Parker.

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