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WARREN, OH- Sometimes life isn’t fair.  You work so hard at one particular subject, trade, or position- and you just can’t quite meet the requirements.  Day after day, rep after rep, and you realize that maybe there’s a different path for you, you need to make a “fight or flight” choice that changes your direction.


There’s the other side: the times that you’re so good at everything that it leaves your opposition staggered, and your teammates pointing in your direction with it all on the line.  You’re naturally so outstanding at one of your jobs, that your superior gives you more jobs to learn to further your value on a more regular basis.

If the first paragraph describes you- we’re sorry.  Keep your chin up.

If the second paragraph describes you- you’re probably Warren JFK’s Cam Hollobaugh, the Eagle’s “Do What It Takes” Swiss-Army Knife that continues to garner attention all over the Valley with his creativity on the highlight tapes.  He’s a modern-day Superman on the gridiron with his ability to speed past you, the power to run through you, and the ability to throw the pigskin a quarter-mile.  (How much you wanna bet he can throw a football over them mountains?)

However, in all seriousness, it’s Cam’s leadership that he’s been working on the most.  The ability to influence others wherever he is on or off the field- that’s what most won’t see on a highlight tape that you can gather from a few minutes of a conversation with the JFK Senior.

We sat down with one of The Valley’s best players for this week’s Warren JFK Player Profile: Seasons Greetings and Happy Hollobaugh.


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