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*Contributed By YSN’s Ty Bartell

AUSTINTOWN OH- The Austintown Fitch volleyball program is, no doubt, one of the best in the entire state.

However, Fitch’s success is credited, in large part, to the setters of this Falcons squad. That of course being Erin Burke and Sammi Misik.
The two senior setters are part of a very dynamic Falcons offense. One that sees them compiling another impressive record on their road to the ultimate goal come tournament time.

There is no doubt the top kill-getters and captains of this Austintown squad are nothing short of special. However, as any volleyball enthusiast will tell you, an offense will only go as far as you setters take them. This, of course, rings true in the Austintoewn community.

In an injury that occured to Erin Burke, early on in The Falcons season, they needed someone to step up. That came in the form of Sammi Misik. Who not only led the Falcons to a multitude of victories at her time as setter, but also made Austintown as a team that much stronger.
This of course sounds all too familiar to when Erin Burke took over the setting for superstar Emma Bartlett.

As Ty Bartell discusses with the two Falcons setters about the team and goals this season. They also take the time to reflect on their time spent with Coach Jody Bartlett and the Austintown community as a whole.

In a segment we like to call “Setting the Nest”, these are the two Falcons seniors in Sammi Misik and Erin Burke.


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