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CANFIELD, OH- Imagine walking the halls in South Range High School and bumping into a state champion pitcher who has put together an outstanding trophy case of awards over the course of his career.  That would be intimidating for anybody, right?  Until you realize that this legend of The Range is one of the most humble, and grateful young men you’ll ever encounter in all of your days.  A young man who is based in his faith, curious by nature, yet confident in himself and his teammates.

He’s truly broken the mold on the stereotype of his generation.

Jake Gehring isn’t ordinary.  In fact, he’s never been.  However, he wouldn’t tell you that.  You have to learn it in conversation- as it’s ironic in doing interviews that he is more interested in your story than he is in telling his own.

In a season where so much was in question, Jake represented a bit of normalcy in finishing what he started 4 years ago.  Many players that commit to play other sports in college end up dumping their other sports, and in turn their teammates to protect their future.  Gehring is a throwback.  One that puts the team first, and does whatever is asked of him to help the team the most.

South Range gears up to attack the next round of the playoffs this week, and while much is made of accolades, personal stats, and highlight reels, Jake always maintains that “Sharing is Gehring.”


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