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WARREN, OH- “How cool is it that Warren JFK got to the state title game in baseball too?”

That was the question floating around the greater Youngstown area on Saturday night.  However, for at least one young man, getting to the game just wasn’t enough.

For Junior, Gavin Shrum, he needed more.  For his teammates, for his school, for his family, and for himself.  Just months after falling in the state championship contest in football, Shrum had promised himself that if he ever had another chance at the “gold trophy” he wouldn’t let the opportunity slip away if he had anything to do with it.  So in a bit warmer climate of sunny Akron, Ohio, the young pitcher would be handed the ball for a chance to etch his, and his teammates’ names in the record books at John F. Kennedy Catholic School forever.

Many looked at the situation and said “it was a great run” and “who would have thought 11 boys could make it this far?”

Shrum saw a chance to avenge a loss that still haunted him.  He saw a chance to prove that a team needs 9 to play in baseball, and the grit, skill, and determination would handle the rest.

Simply put, Shrum saw his moment- and he owned it.

We caught up with the state champ to discuss what things were like leading up to the game, as well as the moments after, and MUCH more.  Enjoy this week’s Warren JFK Player Profile: Shrumbody Special.



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