CANFIELD OH- What an incredible run that Canfield softball is in the middle of.  They have won the AAC, they won a district, they have won a regional, and now they’re two wins away from winning a state championship. Leadership is one of the biggest reasons why the Cardinals have reached so many goals.  Canfield has eight seniors on their squad, and they all bring their own sense of leadership to the roster.  A unit of seniors that has played together since the starts of softball.  That makes the chemistry of the dugout strong. One of the big senior leaders is 3rd baseman Gianna Pannunzio.  In a lineup that features so much speed, Gianna leads what you might call a legion of zoom.  With wheels that put pressure on any defense, Pannunzio poses a real threat to opponents.  However if you think speed is the only thing Pannunzio brings to the table you’d be sorely mistaken.  Gianna is the heart of the dugout. The confidence and swagger she brings to her game helps other players who are new to the stage carry the same energy and confidence.  One of the best leaders Canfield has to offer has to offer is rolling into Firestone Stadium like a G6.

Gianna has put up great numbers so far this season.  She is currently hitting an impressive .456.  Her on base percentage is even higher sitting at .587.  She has hit 7 doubles and knocked in 14 RBI.  Once she gets on the bases, she tends to come all the way around. She has crossed the plate 27 times this year.  She has drawn 13 walks and only struck out 4 times.  She leads the team in stolen bases with 13.

Gianna took the time to chat with YSN’s Anthony Hartwig to talk about her fantastic senior season.  She also discusses her confidence at the plate, the goals her team has been able to accomplish, and so much more. Check out the latest Canfield Softball Player Profile only on YSN.

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