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There’s a switch that every competitor has that allows them to take themselves to “another level.”  For Crestview Junior, Tanner Hoffer, that switch has been flipped.

Hoffer played numerous sports leading up to high school that included volleyball and track along with basketball.  When she was a freshman, she was taken under the wing of a senior who changed her outlook on her social life, as well as what it took to become a leader.  Hoffer since has dropped other sports to focus on what she feels will propel her into college, and continue to play a game that she loves.  A game that when you talk about her teammates, a wide smile crosses the face of the Rebel Forward.

Quite simply, a new and focused Tanner Hoffer is an incredible asset to the Rebels and is bad news for her opponents.

We sat down with Tanner prior to the Labrae game for this week’s Crestview Rebel Player Profile: SO MUCH TO HOFFER.



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