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CANFIELD OH- The South Range softball program was back on an upswing last season winning the district championship after two straight seasons of not making it to the title game. The win made it seem like the program was back to its former glory, being its 6th title in 10 years. COVID-19 has put a damper on the program’s momentum this spring, however, as now the season’s fate is up in the air. The Raiders join every program in the state in juggling ways to respond to the current situation. Coach Jeff DeRose has tons of experience at the helm, and there are not too many people more qualified to steady the Raiders ship through this storm.

D.J. Yokley has a chance to catch up with Coach DeRose to highlight his program. They discuss the COVID-19 situation, the impact it has on the Raiders seniors, and much more. So, if you miss Raider Softball no worries we have you covered with Episode 1 of Coach’s Corner with Jeff DeRose.

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