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CANFIELD OH- South Range baseball’s senior Brandon Mikos is ecstatic to be able to play his senior season, after having to miss the 2020 campaign due to the pandemic. Him and his teammates are not taking anything for granted in 2021. Like every year, the Raiders took an early season trip to Myrtle Beach to sharpen their skills against top competition down south. Brandon pitched in the first game the Raiders played on the beach, and dazzled on the mound. He threw a complete game 7.0 IP, only gave up 1 run on 5 hits, and struck out 6. The Raiders went 4-1 in their week in South Carolina, and Mikos hit .352 on the week with 5 RBI.

Brandon recently officially signed on to play at the next level with Youngstown State. He says playing for his hometown team is a dream come true. His work ethic and commitment to greatness has propelled him to this point. Now that he is locked in to play in college, all the focus can be turned to giving the Raiders the best chance to win as possible. Everyone, including Brandon is excited for the outlook of the South Range season. We can certainly tell that great things are on the horizon for Brandon and his teammates.

YSN’s Paul Munson caught up with Brandon while the team was in Myrtle Beach to talk about his senior season. They discuss expectations of the 2021 season, playing for YSU next year, and much more. Set sail with Raiders with this exclusive player profile “Staying On Brand.”

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