SALEM OH- Salem is riding a stretch right now in girls basketball where their defense is the definition of historic.  They have now broken the program record for points allowed per game two years in a row. When we thought last season’s defense was impressive, this year they one upped it allowing just 30.2 points per contest.  Everyone knows a truly good defense needs a good rim protector. Someone to be there when the frontline breaks to make sure that nothing gets to the hoop. For Salem they have a shot blocker whose name strikes fear in the hearts of other teams. That center of their defense is Alamo Rohm, but we have come to know her as Swatzilla.  She rampages on the floor leaving nothing but offensive destruction in her path.  She was just as good at blocking shots last season as she is this year, but this season she has added offensive power to her tool box.  Kami knew that she would have to develop an ability to score to become a well rounded player.  She did nothing but sharpen those skills as the preseason went on and the start of games got closer.  Now she’s as much of threat with the ball in her hands as she his when she’s knocking a ball out of another player’s.

Kami like her fellow seniors had to step into a big leadership role this season. When talking to her teammates it’s easy to see that her ability to keep everyone on track is a big contributor.  She is not only devoted to reaching her own goals, but has put a lot of energy into helping her team complete theirs.  She keeps everyone confident, energized and focused.  She contributes that ability to the leaders of the past who showed her the way.  The seniors from last season still have their finger prints all over this team.  Kami is proof of that.

Rohm took the time to catch up with YSN’s Anthony Hartwig to talk about her senior campaign.  They talk about her development as a scorer, the ride Salem has been on the last two seasons, and much more. Check out the latest Salem Girls Basketball Player Profile only on YSN!

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