Close your eyes for a moment.

It’s your senior year.  You’ve dreamt of this moment since you were a young Lisbon Blue Devil.  Since the time you first laced up your shoes and wore the “L” proudly in front of your community.

Now imagine all you’ve worked for being taken away from you with one misstep, one accident, one freak play.  The heartache, the frustration, the anger.  There’s no way you’ll be able to play, and if you somehow made it back later that year- you wouldn’t be the same.  It’s enough to make anybody throw in the towel and give up.

Anybody but Lisbon’s Justin Sweeney.

The Senior Blue Devil suffered what seemingly should have been a year ending injury.  However, just a few months after a devastating knee injury Sweeney lived up to his epic tweet on that tough night in Northeast Ohio.

Justin.  Sweeney.  Was.  Back.

Not only did he come back, but he became the scorer he was, and the one he was always meant to be.  Lisbon’s All-Time Scoring Leader!


Now with his team one way away from District play, Sweeney will take the floor on Friday against Sebring with momentum on his team’s side.  Lisbon looks to repay a debt that was served on the Devil’s home court two years ago when Sebring upset Lisbon to advance in the tournament.

We sat down with Justin for this week’s Lisbon Player Profile: SWEENEY HITS HIS STRIDE: JUSTIN TIME.