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AUSTINTOWN, OH- On our latest episode of YSN’s podcast, we were graced by the presence of a true baseball legend, Carlos Baerga. A linchpin of the mid-90s Cleveland Indians, Baerga’s luminous career is marked by his gold glove defense, silver slugger prowess, and infectious enthusiasm for the game. This episode was a treasure trove of anecdotes, insights, and heartfelt reflections from one of baseball’s beloved heroes.

Carlos Baerga didn’t hesitate when asked about his favorite teams during his tenure with the Cleveland Indians. When DJ Yokley posed the question of whether 1995 or 1997 was the better team, Baerga responded with palpable nostalgia, “I have to say that 1995 was a special, yeah, was a special thing… They already got three hall of Fames. They gonna have Omar Bisquell, Manny Ramirez, that’s five… You guys had the opportunity to watch one of the best clubs in the game.”

This team resilience was not only a factor on the field but also a mindset that drove them game after game. “Every time we step in the field, we believed we were going to win,” Baerga remarked. “When you win hundred games, 140, that’s amazing.”

Baerga’s career is peppered with unforgettable moments, and one such instance was his two-home-run feat in a single inning against the Yankees. Recalling the moment, Baerga shared, “I don’t even know it was a record… For me to do it, I don’t even know it was a record.”

His connection with Puerto Rico was significant too. He proudly reflected on his accomplishment with the World Baseball Classic team and the grand stage of baseball, “To put that uniform for Puerto Rico, it was something special.”

As a father and mentor, Baerga offers sage advice, drawn from his vast reservoir of experience and observations in the game today. To aspiring players, he emphasized the value of education first, considering the current competitive landscape of professional baseball, “I want the parents to know, send your kids to school first, go to college and in there you’re gonna know if you got the opportunity.”
For younger children just starting their baseball journey, Baerga underscored the importance of appreciating sacrifices made by their parents, “You know how much it cost that glove, those spikes, that bag… give thanks to your family, to your parents and that’s very important.”

Not one to mince words, Baerga expressed his concerns about some of the modern changes to the game, particularly the pitch clock, “The clock is killing the pitching staff right now… there’s so many Tommy Jones this year than never before.”

He is dismayed at the shift towards prioritizing game speed over tradition and quality, adding, “The fan doesn’t care how many hours they’re going to be there of the game… When you have a good merchandise in the field, I’m talking about players, and you win it, nobody want to go home.”

Before signing off, co-host Sam Torres personally thanked Baerga, acknowledging not just his skill, but the inspiration he provided to fans. Emotional and sincere, Sam shared, “I just wanted to tell you thank you as somebody who got to watch and grow up and watch somebody from my father’s homeland and from my descent play the game at such a high level.

Baerga reciprocated with genuine gratitude, “Thank you very much to you guys and thank you for the job that you guys do.”

Carlos Baerga currently champions for Cleveland Guardians and warmly invited fans to experience the excitement of live games, “I want you to come to the ballpark… We are first place and we’re going to the playoffs.”

Our conversation with Carlos Baerga wasn’t just an interview; it was a journey through history, filled with wisdom and passion that continue to inspire fans old and new. As Cleveland fans and baseball enthusiasts, we look forward to more legendary moments, on and off the field, with heroes like Carlos Baerga leading the way.