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COLUMBIANA, OH- “Stream City” will have a new address in 2024.

Plans were announced yesterday between Athletix and Your Sports Network to partner together to reside on the same campus in the next 14 months.  Currently centralized in East Palestine until January 2024, YSN has made its headquarters since its first day of business in 2017 in a plaza just off the main drag in Bulldog Country.

“To be able to start any business in my hometown was a dream come true, but to draw attention, and have student-athletes, announcers, coaches, and leaders visit East Palestine over the last 5 years has been surreal,” said YSN Founder and CEO, DJ Yokley.

The Broadcast/Streaming company will funnel into the brand-new Athletix facility that boasts two top-tier structures that are equipped with the area’s best technology for athletes of all skill levels, two full-size basketball courts, an entire field of athletic turf, TopGolf Swing Suites, a batting/pitching cage, workout facilities, interactive study rooms, as well as a fully-engaged workout facility.

“This partnership is a huge win for athletes in the area with opportunities to train and compete in our state-of-the-art facilities and gain tremendous opportunities for exposure through the impressive reach of YSN,” said Athletix co-founder, Sean Wardle.  “YSN and Athletix create an amazing team that will comet together with the common goal of providing opportunities to athletes in the Mahoning Valley and beyond,” added Wardle.

With the partnership, YSN plans to add to its coverage of high school sports with leagues that occur at Athletix through live streaming, and broadcasting championship-caliber events at the facility.  “It’ll have the same look and feel as what our fans are accustomed to, but being able to focus on youth and adult leagues gives both Athletix and YSN a new demographic, and new opportunities that cannot be found anywhere else in the country.”

The Network will feature chosen tournaments and leagues to be covered via streaming, and stories/pictures for the website that will include things such as pickleball, softball, basketball, hitting leagues, golf leagues, and other sports that happen in the facility.  “The opportunities are limitless.  The growth that Columbiana has seen is remarkable, and Athletix will be a cornerstone in even more growth ahead. To be able to team up with a family cut from the same cloth, and share the same vision and goals will make both companies stronger on every front, and like always, we’ll do things ‘brick by brick’,” said Yokley.

Future plans for the partnership also include a remote studio within the facility alongside “The Home Plate” concession area, as well as a full studio and office build that will house shows such as “Audible Call” “Running Point” and “Power Hour” each weekday.  Athletes and coaches will also be interviewed at the Athletix in each respective studio space for Player Profiles and Coach’s Corners.