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LISBON, OH – With states beginning to reopen everything; the AAU season has been getting scheduled to return in the coming month. Being the coach of an AAU team I have been able to see the process of what is happening with schedules and I am pleased to say that my girls team will be competing in the “Run4Roses” tournament and “Battle in the Boro” tournament in Nashville, Tennessee this July along with a few other tournaments back here in Ohio.

The return of AAU is something that is exciting beyond words for my team, myself, and anyone else involved with the great group of girls that I have the privilege of coaching. I know without a doubt, the wait has been stressful and deflating but with this great news, a lot of “us” are relieved that we can return to doing the things that we love on the basketball court.

The best part of this return, in my opinion at least, is that it is going to allow these players the opportunity to play in front college scouts and allow for them to get a chance to earn a spot at the next level. These players have worked on their basketball craft for a long time and this return is giving them that opportunity now. It was a devastating blow to these players when COVID began and there wasn’t a guarantee that a season was even going to happen, but now its back and these players are going to be even more hungry to prove why they should get a shot at the next level.