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CANFIELD OH- Last season, South Range’s Addie Wardle was the ultimate utility player, ready to step into any role the team needed. As a swing player, she filled in wherever she was asked, gaining valuable experience and proving her versatility. Fast forward to her sophomore year, and Addie is now an everyday starter for the Raiders. Whether she’s acting as the flex on defense, taking her spot in the offensive lineup, or occasionally pitching in the circle, Addie is always up for the task. Her adaptability and willingness to embrace any challenge have made her a cornerstone of the team.

The Raiders have long relied on Wardle’s rock-solid defense at second base. With a fielding percentage of .921, she’s a lockdown defender who consistently makes the plays to keep her team in the game. Her quick reflexes and strong arm make her a formidable presence on the infield, providing a sense of security to her teammates and coaches alike. When it comes to defense, Addie Wardle is as dependable as they come.

When Wardle gets the opportunity to swing the bat, she’s laser-focused and ready to make an impact. In her limited chances at the plate, she’s already racked up 4 RBI, demonstrating her knack for coming through in clutch situations. Her ability to deliver in key moments underscores her value to the Raiders’ offense. Even with fewer at-bats, Addie has shown that she can be a difference-maker with the bat.

Addie’s athletic prowess runs in the family. Her brother, Tyler Wardle, is a key member of the Raiders’ baseball team, and like Addie, he’s still alive in the playoffs. The sibling duo shares a special bond, always providing support and motivation for each other. The entire Wardle family is deeply involved in the athletics community, offering unwavering support not just to Addie and Tyler, but to their teammates and coaches as well.

Wardle’s dedication to softball extends beyond the high school season. She has been playing travel ball for the same team since she was 10 years old, honing her skills and building strong bonds with her teammates. This experience has not only improved her game but also shaped her into a leader. Her understanding of the importance of team chemistry and leadership is evident both on and off the field.

As Addie Wardle continues to grow and develop, there’s no doubt that she’ll be a pivotal player for the Raiders in the years to come. Her combination of skill, versatility, and leadership ensures that she will remain a key factor in South Range’s success. With players like Addie on the roster, the future looks bright for the Raiders.

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