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NILES, OH- Aidan Rossi needs a towel because he’s dripping with swagger.  From the moment his feet touch the floor, to the end of the day where his head finally meets the pillow- the guy is constantly watched.

Is it the shoes?  Is it the work ethic?  Is it his passion?  It could be all of that and then some.  Rossi his having the time of his life this year alongside his JFK teammates, and he’s not ready at all for the ride to come to a complete stop.  In fact, he’s willing his way toward the state semi-finals this weekend after an outstanding touchdown grab on fourth down with the game on the line.

A generational talent who’s a legacy kid at JFK, Rossi continues to paint the picture for underclassmen of exactly what it means to wear the “K” and the history that comes along for the ride when you do so.

We caught up “7” to touch base on what’s going on in his world, and plans for his future on this week’s Warren JFK: Who’s the Boss?