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Following Week 12, the All-Northeast Inland District Football Teams have been released for 2019.  As you’ll find in the list below, the area is well represented by a YSN Partner School standpoint.

Congratulations to all the area talent for their commitment to their craft and representing their school, family, and communities so well all season long.


Division Two
First Team
Linebacker Nate Leskovac Austintown Fitch
Second Team
Quarterback Devin Sherwood Austintown Fitch
Honorable Mention
Joe Perez Austintown Fitch
Christian Armstrong Austintown Fitch
Connor Miller Boardman
Terence Thomas Boardman
Division Three
First Team
Quarterback Delshawn Petrosky Chaney
Linebacker Keyshaun Davis Chaney
Linebacker David Mays Niles
Kicker Chase Sudzina Niles
Second Team
Quarterback Zack Leonard Niles
Wide Receiver Deron Gilbert Chaney
Honorable Mention
Marquan Herron Chaney
Adam McGinnish Niles
Division Four
First Team
Quarterback Aiden Hall Struthers
Running Back Zyere Rodgers Cardinal Mooney
Running Back Zach Ellis Poland
Wide Receiver Nicholas Malito Girard
Wide Receiver Niko Walter Salem
Wide Receiver Matthew Reardon Ursuline
Offensive Lineman Kerri Hewlett Cardinal Mooney
Offensive Lineman Haeden Gump Girard
Offensive Lineman Mike Voitus Poland
Offensive Lineman Alex Feliciano Poland
Defensive Lineman Reese Best Hubbard
Defensive Lineman Brandan Serrano Struthers
Linebacker Cade Campolito Salem
Defensive Back Morgan Clardy Girard
Defensive Back Trenton Hill Ursuline
Kicker Mikey Kushner Poland
Punter Brendon Kilpatrick Lakeview
Honorable Mention
Michael Pastella Cardinal Mooney
Connor Moore Girard
Jimmy Jones Girard
Joe Bednarik Hubbard
Cam Resatar Hubbard
Alex Goodrick Hubbard
Tommy Wess Hubbard
Jake Wilms Lakeview
Joe Alessi Poland
Kared Tucker Poland
Zach Murray Salem
Jax Booth Salem
Carson Stockman Salem
Adrian Brown Struthers
Robert Tomko Struthers
Tyrese Hawkins Struthers
Dante Walker Ursuline
Division Five
First Team
Quarterback Isaac Allegretto South Range
Running Back Dylan Dominguez South Range
Wide Receiver Chris Brooks South Range
Defensive Lineman Anthony Czap South Range
Defensive Lineman Jake Gehring South Range
Second Team
Running Back Ethan Powell Crestview
Punter Trey Pancake South Range
Honorable Mention
Anthony Cusick Crestview
Wyatt Babik Crestview
Division Six
First Team
Defensive Lineman Cody Miller Columbiana
Linebacker Jakob Cross Columbiana
Second Team
Wide Receiver Chase Franken Columbiana
Running Back Tyler Lippiatt United
Linebacker Jack Carney Columbiana
Honorable Mention
Tyler Zigotti Columbiana
Hunter Zentner Columbiana
Deric Ellyson United
Division Seven
First Team
Running Back Marco Ferry Leetonia
Running Back Jesse Likens Warren JFK
Offensive Lineman Earl Hill Warren JFK
Defensive Lineman Connor Hicks Leetonia
Defensive Lineman Jaylin Turner Warren JFK
Linebacker Cameron Hollobaugh Warren JFK
Defensive Back Savonne Williamson Warren JFK
Defensive Back Darien Suggs Wellsville
Defensive Player of the Year
Cameron Hollobaugh Warren JFK
Honorable Mention
Giovanni Colette Warren JFK
Chase McCoy Lisbon
Caden Weekley Wellsville
Draven Crow Wellsville