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EAST PALESTINE, OHIO- To be selected for the All-Ohio team is an huge honor that presented each year for each specific division. We at YSN are honored to present the list of players who were selected to the All-Ohio team for each division and for the specif teams that they made.


Boys Division I First Team Selections

Jonas Nichols, Akron Archbishop Hoban, 6-3, jr., 16.0 ppg

Will Aljancic, Louisville, 6-7, sr., 22.4 ppg


Boys Division I Special Mentions

Will Scott Jr., Archbishop Hoban, 6-2, sr., 13.7 ppg


Boys Division I Honorable Mentions

Hayden Nigro, Louisville, 6-4, jr., 15.2 ppg


Boys Division II Second Team Selections

Terrance Pankey, Ursuline, 6-1, sr., 18.5 ppg


Boys Division II Third Team Selections

Jason Hewlett, Chaney, 6-5, sr., 17.8 ppg


Boys Division II Special Mentions

Zack Vencill, Edgewood, 6-1, sr., 25.0

Jaden Payne, Ursuline, 6-7, jr., 16.5

Thomas Cardiero, Girard, 6-5, sr., 17.3 ppg

Nick DelGratta, Struthers, 6-7, sr., 22.5 ppg

Joe DeGeorge, Jefferson, 6-5 jr, 21.1 ppg

Boys Division II Honorable Mentions

Josiah Gonzalez, Chaney, 6-4, sr., 14.1 ppg

Vinny Flauto, Ursuline, 5-11, sr., 14.6 ppg

Preston Kerr, East Liverpool, 6-2, jr., 15.4 ppg

Jacob Ernst, Edgewood, 6-3, jr., 16.5 ppg

Dom Cruz, Canfield, 6-0 jr, 12.2 pp

Anthony Covetta Jefferson, 6-2 so, 18.0 ppg


 Boys Division III Third Team Selections

 Navarre Alhassan, Waterloo, sr., 19.2 ppg


Boys Division III Special Mentions

Tyler Britton, Pymatuning Valley, 6-6, sr., 20.5 ppg

Blake Krznaric, Pymatuning Valley, 6-6, jr., 15.o ppg

Landon Moore, South Range, 6-3, sr., 13.3 ppg

Isaiah Jones, Brookfield, 6-5, sr., 16.9 ppg

Ashton O’Brien, Cardinal Mooney, 6-2, jr., 15.0 ppg


Boys Division III Honorable Mentions

Matteo Fortuna, Brookfield, 6-1, Jr., 18.5 ppg

David Moore, Campbell Memorial, jr., 6-4, 17.0 ppg

Blake Kahnell, LaBrae, 6-5, sr., 13.0 ppg

Preston Gedeon,  Garfield, 5-7, so., 18.3 ppg


Boys Division IV First Team Selections

Duncan Moy, Badger, 6-5, jr., 25.2 ppg


Boys Division IV Special Mentions

Chase Eye, Windham, 5-11, sr., 19.5 ppg

Michael Condoleon, Warren John F. Kennedy, 6-0, jr., 17.2 ppg

Nick Ryan, Warren John F. Kennedy, 6-0, so., 18.3 ppg

Anthony Lucente, Lowellville, 6-3, sr., 17.0 ppg

Vinny Ballone, Lowellville, 6-4, sr., 16.1 ppg

Brad Hamilton, Badger, 5-10, sr., 12.5 ppg


Boys Division IV Honorable Mentions

Jaden Rishel, Warren John F. Kennedy, 6-3, jr., 15.3 ppg

Trevor Siefke, Lisbon David Anderson, 6-1, jr., 22.1 ppg

Isaiah Greathouse, Wellsville, 6-0, sr., 17.9 ppg

Aaren Romigh, Jackson-Milton, 6-2, sr., 17.1 ppg


We at YSN once again want to congratulate each player that the All-Ohio team and be sure to check out all of these players at the 2023 YSN All Star this Saturday at the University of Youngstown State. Tip-off is set for 7:00 pm at the Beeghly Center! 



EAST PALESTINE, OHIO – The All-Ohio teams is an annual high school basketball honor bestowed on the best players in their specific divisions and leagues. It is safe to say that there are countless young women on this list from schools within the YSN family who have had fantastic seasons and are deserving of this great achievement. Here are the players who made the All-Ohio team, broken down by their division and which team they made.


Girls Division I Special Mentions

Mackenzie Riccitelli,  Boardman, 5-6, junior, 15.7 ppg

Brooke Haren, Louisville, 5-8, junior, 15.8 ppg

Emma Rasmussen, Archbishop Hoban, 5-4 senior, 11.0 ppg

Girls Division II Third Team

Kaci Kanicki, Edgewood, 5-9, senior, 21.8 ppg


Girls Division II Special Mentions

Kate Sahli, Canfield, 5-8, senior, 8.8 ppg

Abbie Davidson- Salem 5-7 senior 15.5 ppg

Sophia Gregory, West Branch, 6-2, jr., 15.2 ppg

Alyssa Massucci, Howland, 5-6, jr., 19.3 ppg

Girls Division II Honorable Mentions

Chloe Neider, Sturthers, 5-8, senior, 17.7 ppg

Sieasia Triplett, Girard, 5-4, senior, 12.8 ppg

Katie McCollister,  Edgewood, 5-5, junior, 12 ppg


Girls Division III Second Team

Addison Rhodes, Crestview, 5-11, freshman, 19.7 ppg


Girls Division III Third Team

Demi Watson,  Liberty, 5-9, senior, 19.1 ppg

Sophia Hook, Brookfield, 5-7, senior, 20.3 ppg


Girls Division III Special Mentions

Aaliyah Foster, Liberty, 5-5, senior, 18.9 ppg

Laura McCoy,  Garfield, 5-8, senior, 15.3 ppg

Luvrain Gaskins, Crestview, 6-0, sophomore, 11.6 ppg

Maggie Pavlansky, Lakeview, 5-8, senior, 13.8 ppg

Mary Bryant, Poland, 5-9, junior, 12.4 ppg

Girls Division III Honorable Mention

Peyton Roberts, Beaver Local, 5-10, jr., 17.4 ppg



Girls Division IV First Team

Jacey Mullen, Springfield, 5-10, senior, 17.2 ppg

Girls Division IV Second Team

Ashley Shroades, Southern Local, 5-4, jr., 25.0 ppg

Girls Division IV Third Team:

Katie Grexa, Badger, 5-10, jr. 20.0 ppg

Girls Division IV Special Mentions

Brooke Schantz, Western Reserve, 5-4, senior, 12.4 ppg

Alyvia Hughes, Western Reserve, 5-9, junior, 9.5 ppg

Madison Lesnak, Springfield, 5-10, senior, 6.9 ppg

Savannah Procick, Lowellville, 5-5, senior, 12 ppg


Girls Division IV Honorable Mentions

Ava Darney, Warren JFK, 5-10, junior, 17 ppg

Jameka Brungard, Springfield, 5-11, sophomore, 9.4 ppg


For the returning players, we can’t wait to see you back in action on the court in 2023. Be sure to check out all of these players at the 2023 YSN All-Star game this Saturday at the Beeghly Center on the campus of Youngstown State University. Tip-off is set for 5:00 p.m.

*Contributed By YSN’s Michael Wolfgang


COLUMBUS, OH- Several local athletes continue to fill up their resumes after great work the last 16 weeks.  We are highlighting the YSN-affiliated student-athletes and their schools below.


QB: Billy Skripac – South Range, Gage Cline – Edison

DL: JD Crouse – South Range

LB: Ty Covill – Conneaut, Matt Parsons, Edison, Keegan Sell – Garfield


RB: Zack Rice – Conneaut

WR: Shane Lindstrom – South Range

OL: Ashton Ellis – Edison

DL: Bailey Ryan – South Range

LB: Tyler Remish- South Range

DB: Ty Reali – Cardinal Mooney


WR: Ayden Leon – South Range, Alec Delsignore – Cardinal Mooney


QB: Ashton O’Brien – Cardinal Mooney

RB: Talan McClurg – Edison, Jesse Grace – Garfield, Nick Vesey – Champion

WR: Dwayne Moody – Liberty

OL: Jon Wiczen – Garfield, Gus Valentine – South Range, Adam Garloch – Cardinal Mooney, Tino Merlo – Cardinal Mooney

K: Ethan Bittence – Garfield

DL: Will Desmond – Cardinal Mooney, Jeff Brenner – Cardinal Mooney

LB: Logan Boyd – Cardinal Mooney

DB: Decker Lancaster – Edison, Dennis Clark – Cardinal Mooney


EAST PALESTINE, OH – The Ohio High School Baseball Coaches Association has released their all state teams for the 2022 baseball season, below are all of the student athletes from partner schools. Congratulations to all of the student athletes!


Player of the Year:

Landon Beidelschies – Canfield


Second Team:

Anthony Warner – Pitcher – Louisville

J.T. Propick – Infield – Louisville


Honorable Mention:

Nate Shaw – Utility – Canfield



First Team:

Dylan Dominguez – Outfield – South Range


Honorable Mention:

Ian McBane – Outfield – Edison


EAST PALESTINE, OH – Ohio High School Fastpitch Softball Coaches Association has released their all state teams for the 2022 softball season, below are all of the student athletes from partner schools. Congratulations to all of the student athletes!


First Team:

Sydnie Watts – Pitcher – Austintown Fitch


Honorable Mention:

Ayla Ray – Infield – Austintown Fitch



First Team:

Haley Croyle – Pitcher – Hubbard

Nicolina Pezzone – Outfield – Struthers


Second Team:

Sydney Mercer – Infield – West Branch


Honorable Mention:

Katie McDonald – Pitcher – Poland



First Team:

Kelly Szolek – Catcher – South Range

Sophia Tvaroch – PItcher – Newton Falls


Second Team:

Caitlynn Pleska – Infield – Columbiana

Alyssa Sheely – Outfield – Ursuline


Honorable Mention:

Tori Long – Pitcher – Columbiana

Alaina Scavina – Catcher – Cardinal Mooney

Paige Ogden – Infield – Ursuline



Second Team:

Hunter Bengala – Infield – Badger



COLUMBUS, OH – Congratulations to our partner-schools’ representation on the 2021-2022 OHSAA All-Ohio Basketball Teams that were recently released!


2022 Division I All-Ohio Basketball Teams

Special Mention

Trey DePietro – Boardman


2022 Division II All-Ohio Basketball Teams

Third Team

Cole Dailey – East Liverpool


Special Mention

Ross Dedo – Poland

Terrance Pankey – Ursuline

Anthony Massucci – Howland

Will Aljancic – Louisville

Hayden Nigro – Louisville

Josiah Gonzalez – Chaney


Honorable Mention

Dru DeShields – West Branch

Drew Weir – Salem

Thomas Cardiero – Girard

Jake Grdic – Canfield

Nick DelGratta – Struthers

Skylar Pappas – Beaver Local

Zavea Green – East Liverpool


2021 Division III All-Ohio Basketball Teams

First Team

Kevin Moore – Campbell Memorial


Third Team

Adam Wharry – Springfield


Special Mention

Kaidan Spade – Garrettsville Garfield

Beau Brungard – Springfield

James Davis – Liberty

Aidan Stephens – LaBrae

John Castrilla – Jefferson


Honorable Mention

Alex Rothwell – Springfield

Nick Million – Columbiana

Luke Simons – Atwater Waterloo

Mick Hergenrother – Cardinal Mooney

Tre’Von Drake – LaBrae

Xavion Leonard – Campbell Memorial


2021 Division IV All-Ohio Basketball Teams

Second Team

Jonathan Bertovich – Heartland Christian


Special  Mention

Jaden Rishel – Warren JFK

Anthony Lucente – Lowellville

Jack Lendak – Badger


Honorable  Mention

Bert Jones – Windham

Donovan Pawlowski – Brookfield

Jaxson Brewer – Wellsville

Trevor Siefke – Lisbon

Michael Condoleon – Warren JFK

Michael Porter – McDonald

Vinny Ballone – Lowellville


We want to congratulate all our athletes that are part of the YSN family on an incredible basketball season!


COLUMBUS, OH – Congratulations to our partner-schools’ representation on the 2021-2022 OHSAA All-Ohio Basketball Teams that were recently released!


2022 Division I All-Ohio Basketball Teams

Special Mention

Alyssa Dill – Canfield

Alyssa Pompelia – Howland


Honorable Mention

Alyssa Massucci – Howland

Zayda Creque – Austintown Fitch

Brooke Haren – Louisville

Zayda Creque – Austintown Fitch


2022 Division II All-Ohio Basketball Teams

Special Mention

Sophia Gregory – West Branch

Chloe Neider – Struthers


Honorable Mention

Abbie Davidson – Salem

Rylee Hutton – Salem

Anna Lippiatt – West Branch

Connie Cougras – Poland

Maggie Pavlansky – Lakeview

Sieasia Tripplett – Girard

Taylor Skinner – Jefferson


2021 Division III All-Ohio Basketball Teams

First Team

Jenna Smith – Garrettsville Garfield


Third Team

Demi Watson – Liberty

Kaira English – Waterloo


Special Mention

Sophia Hook, Brookfield

Aaliyah Foster – Liberty

Lexi Giles – South Range


Honorable Mention

Alysea Fiedorczyk – Edison

Madison Kibler – United

Tori Long – Columbiana

Rose Couts – Waterloo

Sarah Seaman – Garrettsville Garfield

Alayna Smith – Ursuline

Laura McCoy – LaBrae

Bella Meyer – Champion

Cianna Smith – Liberty


2021 Division IV All-Ohio Basketball Teams

Special Mention

Kylie Wilson – Jackson-Milton

Katie Grexa – Badger

Jacey Mullen – Springfield

Lucia Wolford – McDonald


Honorable  Mention

Madison Lesnak – Springfield

Faith Hollobaugh – Warren JFK

Ava Darney – Jackson-Milton

Addison Thompson – Badger

Savannah Procic – Lowellville

Alivia Morrison – McDonald

Briah Daniel – Windham


We want to congratulate all our athletes that are part of the YSN family on an incredible basketball season. You can see a lot of these names at the YSN All Star game on March 26th at South Range High School. The girls game will begin at 5pm, the boys game will take place following that.


COLUMBUS, OH – Congratulations to our partner-schools’ representation on the 2020-2021 OHSAA All-Ohio Basketball Teams that were recently released!


2021 Division I All-Ohio Basketball Teams

Honorable Mention

Todd Simons – Austintown Fitch


2021 Division II All-Ohio Basketball Teams

Special Mention

Trey Metzka – Struthers

Sharrod Taylor – Chaney

Cole Dailey – East Liverpool


Honorable Mention

Zavea Green – East Liverpool

Aiden Slocum – Struthers

Drew Weir – Salem

Will Aljancic – Louisville


2021 Division III All-Ohio Basketball Teams

First Team

Kyle Shockley – Waterloo


Second Team

Joey Kline – Newton Falls


Special Mention

Michael Pelini – Youngstown Mooney


Honorable Mention

Adam Wharry – Springfield

Drake Golden – Crestview


2021 Division IV All-Ohio Basketball Teams

First Team

Cam Hollobaugh – Warren JFK


Second Team

Jake Portolese – McDonald


COLUMBUS OH- Yesterday, the All-Ohio girls basketball teams were released for Divisions III and IV. Tidy it’s time to shine a light on the players that excelled in Divisions I and II. The YSN family did not receive any names on the list for Division I, but we are well represented in Division II.



Jackie Grisdale (Poland)


Kyla Jamison (Salem)


Mikayla Reed (East Liverpool)

Jillian Pidgeon (West Branch)

Katie Hough (Mooney)


COLUMBUS, OH – Congratulations to our division four and division five partner-school representation on the 2020 OPSWA All-Ohio Football Teams that were recently released!


2020 Division IV All-Ohio Football Teams

First Team Offense

QB: Brock Hillyer, West Branch

WR: Matthew Reardon, Ursuline


First Team Defense

DL: Rhyan Pegues, Ursuline

LB: Dante Walker, Ursuline


Second Team Offense

WR: Nick Wilson, West Branch

OL: Mason Ludwig, East Liverpool


Second Team Defense

DB: Tanner Johnston, Beaver Local


Honorable Mention

QB: Howard Williams, East Liverpool

QB: Brady Shannon, Ursuline

QB: Jack Fulton, Poland Seminary

RB: DeMarcus McElroy, Ursuline

RB: Alek Wilson, West Branch

WR: Dylan Moore, Beaver Local

WR: Dominic Malito, Girard

OL: Carson Stockman, Salem

OL: Brian Frasco, Ursuline

OL: Nate Williams, Poland Seminary

OL: Karter Kellgren, Poland Seminary

DL: Payne Allen, Beaver Local

DL: Dom Parker, Poland Seminary

DL: Nassim Lloyd, Girard

LB: John Edmonds, Ursuline

LB: Peyton Mrakovich, Poland Seminary

LB: Christian Colosimo, Poland Seminary

LB: Tyler Maddox, Girard

LB: Brock Smith, West Branch

DB: Jakylan Irving, Ursuline

DB: Andrew Centofanti, Poland Seminary

DB: David McKeivier, West Branch

P: Brendon Kilpatrick, Lakeview


2020 Division V All-Ohio Football Teams


First Team Offense

QB: Michael Patrone, South Range

RB: Danny Bruckman, Jefferson


First Team Defense

DL: Luke Blasko, South Range

LB: William Hardenbrook, Crestview


Second Team Offense

RB: Dylan Dominguez, South Range


Third Team Defense

DL: Wade Woodworth, Jefferson Area


Honorable Mention

RB: Zy’ere Rogers, Cardinal Mooney

WR: Luke Crumbacher, South Range

OL: Kolten Hanlin, Edison

OL: Wyatt Babik, Crestview

OL: Kerri Hewlett, Cardinal Mooney

OL: Michael Lally, South Range

OL: Jacob Brooks, South Range

K: Harley Novak, South Range

DL: Will Skretta, Cardinal Mooney

LB: Michael Pastella, Cardinal Mooney

LB: Logan Cormell, South Range

DB: Brandon Yanssens, Crestview