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AUSTINTOWN OH- Next level talent isn’t as common as the area of northeast Ohio makes it look. Although Fitch seems to have figured something out. They have next level talent at every turn. Ali Foley is one who sets, keeps, and passes on the Falcons standard.

No one works harder at their craft than Foley.  When you want to talk about leading by example, you can’t have that conversation without her. Foley gives every ounce of energy to the Falcons program. She does it whether or not she’s on the field at the time. She has been picked by many of her teammates as the loudest player in the dugout.  Nothing gets left on the field. When you play that way, you can go home knowing that there was nothing left on the table.  Foley’s presence in the locker room gives the younger players on the team an insight into how to be successful.

Foley has made the decision to continue her softball career at Hocking Community College. She adds to the list of Falcons players that are going to play at the next level.

Foley was able to hang out with Running Point hang on YSN this week to discuss her season, and career. She talks with Ty Bartell and Anthony Hartwig about what she’s learned about herself, how she made the decision to play at the next level, and so much more. Feed the nest with the next Fitch softball player profile. Only on YSN.

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