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Geneva, OH- In an exciting but ultimately heartbreaking ending, the St. John Heralds clashed with the Mathews Mustangs, providing fans with a nail-biting contest that went down to the wire. The final score read St. John Heralds 28, Mathews Mustangs 30, but this game will be remembered for its dramatic twists and explosive plays.

The first quarter set the stage with both teams failing to put points on the board, but the second quarter quickly picked up the pace. St. John’s quarterback, Vin Narducci, connected with Donald Crawford for a 5-yard touchdown pass, followed by a successful 2-point conversion to Sully Twining, putting the Heralds ahead 8-0. Narducci struck again with a 16-yard touchdown pass to Will Anderson, though the extra point attempt was unsuccessful, extending their lead to 14-0.

Mathews wasn’t about to let the game slip away, as Dom Spagnoletta found Connor Thompson with a 12-yard touchdown pass, closing the gap to 14-7 just before halftime.

The third quarter proved to be another thrilling chapter in this contest, with Spagnoletta showcasing his versatility, scoring a 15-yard rushing touchdown and securing the extra point to tie the game at 14-14. However, Narducci and Anderson once again proved to be a lethal duo, connecting on a 47-yard touchdown pass, followed by a successful 2-point conversion, reclaiming the lead for the Heralds at 22-14.

The fourth quarter unleashed more fireworks, as Mathews’ Trenton Hyde delivered a 45-yard touchdown pass to Spagnoletta, and a successful 2-point conversion knotted the score at 22-22. Then, with just over two minutes remaining, Spagnoletta powered through for a 2-yard rushing touchdown, and the Mustangs converted another 2-point attempt, taking a 30-22 lead.

But the Heralds weren’t finished yet. In a stunning turn of events, Narducci unleashed an 80-yard touchdown pass to Anthony Severino, electrifying the crowd. Although the 2-point conversion failed, the Heralds were back within striking distance at 28-30.

As the clock wound down, Mathews had a chance to seal the game, but St. John’s defense held strong, stopping them on a crucial 4th down turnover on downs at the 30-yard line with just 55 seconds remaining.

Narducci once again displayed his arm strength, connecting on a 40-yard pass igniting the crowd. The Heralds comeback would fall short at the 17-yard line with 33 seconds left when Mathews’ defense held firm, denying St. John on a 4th down attempt with just seconds remaining, securing a heart-pounding 30-28 victory.

In a game defined by explosive plays, Narducci shined brightly with an impressive 340 passing yards and four touchdowns. Anthony Severino, Ryan Williams, and Will Anderson were standout receivers, each amassing over 100 yards in receptions.

With this thrilling contest in the books, the St. John Heralds (2-4) will look to carry their offensive momentum into their upcoming clash with NAC opponent Windham Bombers (2-3) in week 7, while the Mathews Mustangs (1-5) will travel to face the Mineral Ridge Rams (4-1) in what promises to be another exciting matchup. Football fans can’t wait to see what these teams have in store for the rest of the season.


Steubenville,OH- With one of the most action packed 2nd quarters you will ever see, the Steubenville Catholic Central Crusaders cruised past the St. John Heralds, securing a decisive victory with a final score of 34-7.

The first quarter began with an impressive 7-yard touchdown run by Steubenville Catholic’s BJ Fallon, followed by a successful extra point kicked by Daniel Bolster, giving the Crusaders an early lead of 7-0. Both teams showcased strong defenses, preventing any further scoring in the opening quarter.

The second quarter saw Steubenville Catholic extending their lead, with BJ Fallon showcasing his skills once again, scoring two more touchdowns with runs of 10 and 50 yards. Bolster’s precise kicking game was instrumental, as he converted both extra points. Additionally, Tyler Ialenti added another touchdown with a 1-yard run, although the two-point conversion attempt failed. Tommy Pergi contributed with a 7-yard touchdown run, and Bolster remained consistent with extra point conversions. The Crusaders dominated the second quarter, ending it with a commanding lead of 34-0.

The third quarter remained scoreless as both teams continued to put up strong defensive efforts.

In the fourth quarter, St. John’s Vin Narducci connected with Will Anderson for an impressive 76-yard touchdown pass. Emanuele Fantozzi’s successful extra point put the Heralds on the board with a score of 34-7.

One of the game’s pivotal moments occurred in the second quarter when Daniel Bolster executed back-to-back kickoffs that stopped on the 1-yard line, forcing St. John to start their offensive series deep in their own territory.

Despite the loss, the St. John Heralds had some bright spots, including senior Hank Wagner grabbing his 3rd sack of the year, Vin Narducci’s 118 passing yards on 7 completions, and Will Anderson’s impressive performance with 4 receptions for 104 yards and 1 touchdown.

The final score remained Steubenville Catholic Central Crusaders 34 – St. John Heralds 7. The Crusaders improved to 4-0 and are set to face the Fairport Harding Skippers (1-3) in week 4, while the Heralds, now 1-3, will host the Chalker Wildcats (2-0) in their upcoming game.


Geneva, OH- In a thrilling football game with both teams providing highlight reel plays the St. John Heralds defeated the Beachwood Bisons with a final score of 38-24. While the game would be full of action both teams need a quarter to figure out their plan of attack. The first quarter ended with both teams unable to score as the defenses held strong, causing multiple 4-and-outs.

The second quarter kicked off scoring with 8 minutes and 17 seconds left on the clock when a high snap resulted in St. John taking a safety, putting Beachwood on the board with 2 points. The momentum continued to swing Beachwood’s way as Mar’Tez Pinkney returned a punt for a spectacular 65-yard touchdown. However, the 2-point conversion attempt was unsuccessful, leaving the score at St. John 0 – Beachwood 9.

St. John fought back with a 1-yard touchdown run by Vin Narducci, but once again, they couldn’t convert the 2-point attempt. The score now stood at St. John 6 – Beachwood 9.

Just before halftime, St. John’s defense made a crucial play with Ryan Williams intercepting Larry Clark’s pass. St. John’s offense seized the opportunity, executing a trick play with a double pass. Will Anderson connected with Anthony Severino for a 45-yard touchdown, making the score St. John 12 – Beachwood 9. St. John then successfully recovered an onside kick with only 1 minute and 32 seconds left in the second quarter.

In the dying moments of the second quarter, Vin Narducci found Will Anderson again, this time for a 21-yard touchdown pass. The successful 2-point conversion extended St. John’s lead to 20 – 9 as they headed into halftime.

The third quarter saw St. John continuing their offensive prowess, with Vin Narducci tossing a 42-yard touchdown pass to Will Anderson. However, their 2-point conversion attempt failed, leaving the score at St. John 26 – Beachwood 9. But Beachwood’s Aaden Condor came up with a crucial interception to halt St. John’s momentum.

As the fourth quarter began, Beachwood’s Jacob Thomas made an impact with a 35-yard touchdown pass to Eriq Walker, followed by a successful extra point. The score tightened to St. John 26 – Beachwood 16. But St. John responded swiftly, with Vin Narducci connecting with Will Anderson again, this time for a 69-yard touchdown pass. Their 2-point conversion attempt was unsuccessful, making the score St. John 32 – Beachwood 16.

Beachwood refused to back down, as Jacob Thomas orchestrated a 1-yard touchdown run and a successful 2-point conversion, closing the gap to St. John 32 – Beachwood 24. Beachwood then recovered an onside kick with just under 8 minutes left on the clock.

However, their momentum was short-lived, as Jacob Thomas threw an interception to St. John’s Donald Crawford. St. John capitalized on the turnover, with Ryan Williams scoring a 14-yard touchdown run. The 2-point conversion was once again unsuccessful, making the score St. John 38 – Beachwood 24.

With just 3 minutes and 34 seconds remaining in the game, St. John recovered another onside kick, sealing their victory.

The final score stood at St. John Heralds 38 – Beachwood Bisons 24. The St. John Heralds improved to a 1-2 record and looked forward to facing the Steubenville Catholic Central Crusaders in week 3, while the Beachwood Bisons, now 0-3, prepared to play against the Grand Valley Mustangs in their next matchup.


Wickliffe, OH- In an action-packed game, the Wickliffe football team showcased their dominance against St. John from the very beginning. The 1st quarter saw Wickliffe’s Ralph Jackson bulldozing through the defense with a 6-yard rushing touchdown, followed by a successful extra point, putting Wickliffe in the lead at 7-0. The momentum continued as Ej Mester scored an 8-yard touchdown run, and the extra point was good, extending Wickliffe’s lead to 14-0.

The 2nd quarter showcased more of Wickliffe’s offensive prowess. Nunzio Zivnoska sprinted for a spectacular 41-yard touchdown run, with the extra point sailing through the uprights, widening the gap to 21-0. Not to be outdone, Bobby Plumb powered through with a 14-yard touchdown run, and the extra point was successful, further solidifying Wickliffe’s commanding lead at 28-0.

As the game progressed into the 3rd quarter, Wickliffe’s Nunzio Zivnoska continued to dazzle with a 36-yard touchdown run, followed by a successful extra point, making the score 35-0. St. John managed to get on the scoreboard with a 65-yard touchdown pass from Vin Narducci to Will Anderson, although the 2-point conversion attempt was unsuccessful, leaving the score at 35-6. Wickliffe quickly responded with a 4-yard touchdown run by Jim Feaster, although the extra point was missed, extending their lead to 41-6. The scoring spree continued as Bobby Plumb found the end zone again with a 16-yard touchdown run, and the extra point was good, putting Wickliffe way ahead at 48-6.

In the 4th quarter, St. John managed to put together another touchdown play, with Vin Narducci connecting with Will Anderson for an 18-yard touchdown pass. However, like earlier, the 2-point conversion was unsuccessful, resulting in a score of 48-12 in favor of Wickliffe. The game concluded with Wickliffe’s dominant performance standing tall at 48-12.

With this victory, Wickliffe improved to 1-1 for the season and looks ahead to hosting Orange (1-1) in week 3. On the other hand, St. John fell to 0-2 and is set to host Beachwood (0-2) in week 3, aiming to turn their fortunes around.


Geneva, OH-In a dominating display of skill and teamwork, the Trinity Trojans dominated the field against the St. John Heralds, securing a resounding victory with a final score of 38-6.

The first quarter saw Trinity’s Theo Jackson charging into the end zone with a powerful 3-yard run, securing the first touchdown of the game. Jonathan Rosa’s successful extra point kick extended Trinity’s lead to 21-0.

The second quarter continued the Trojans’ dominance, with Theo Jackson once again making his mark with a 1-yard touchdown run. Jonathon Rosa’s precise extra point kick added to the mounting lead, now at 28-0.

As the clock dwindled in the second quarter, Trinity’s special teams joined the scoring frenzy. Damonte McKenzie returned a punt an impressive 45 yards for yet another touchdown. Jonathan Rosa’s consistent performance earned Trinity another extra point, further widening the gap to 35-0.

The fourth quarter saw no relenting from Trinity’s side. Jonathon Rosa exhibited his kicking prowess, nailing a 26-yard field goal, bringing the score to 38-0.

St. John’s Heralds managed to break through Trinity’s defense later in the fourth quarter, as Vin Narducci connected with Will Anderson for a 40-yard touchdown pass. Unfortunately for St. John, the extra point attempt was unsuccessful, leaving them with 6 points.

As the final whistle blew, the scoreboard read Trinity Trojans 38, St. John Heralds 6. The Heralds, now standing at 0-1, are set to face Wickliffe in week 2, aiming to bounce back from this defeat. Meanwhile, the victorious Trinity Trojans, starting their season strong at 1-0, are geared up to clash with the Hawken Hawks in week 2, promising an exciting continuation to their campaign.


East Palestine, OH- In the world of sports, there’s a beauty in witnessing a team’s evolution, its struggles, and its unyielding determination to rise above challenges. The Saint John Heralds, a team deeply rooted in the heart of Ashtabula’s community, have been on a remarkable journey of transformation. As they gear up for the 2023 season, the Heralds are determined to leave behind the disappointments of the past and create a new narrative of success and redemption.

The Heralds’ 2022 season concluded with a record of 2-7, a tough pill to swallow for both players and fans alike. Yet, this season served as a crucial building block for the team’s future endeavors. With their second year as a member of the Northeastern Athletic Conference, the Heralds are set to showcase their growth and development on a larger stage.

One of the most noticeable aspects of the Heralds’ transformation has been their renewed sense of unity and youthful vigor. In 2022, the team was characterized by its youth and inexperience, a challenge that often tested their mettle. However, as the saying goes, “adversity introduces a man to himself.” The Heralds used their setbacks as fuel to grow, learn, and emerge stronger than before.

While the departure of key playmakers like Matt Miller will be felt, the team’s heartbeat lies in its returning quarterback, Vin Narducci. Narducci’s journey from being an offensive lineman to a quarterback showcases his adaptability and determination. His impressive performance in his first year as a varsity quarterback, throwing for over 1200 yards and 8 touchdowns, offers a glimpse into his potential as a leader on the field.

Narducci’s growth has been nurtured by the support of his talented wide receivers, namely junior Sullivan Twinning and sophomore Anthony Severino. With their speed and exceptional catching abilities, Twinning and Severino are poised to create dynamic plays that keep the opposition on their toes.

In the backfield, the Heralds boast a duo that perfectly balances power and agility. Junior Ryan Williams brings his formidable strength and blocking skills, enhancing the team’s offensive prowess. Complementing him is the swift and elusive Will Anderson, a player whose playmaking abilities promise to rejuvenate the Heralds’ run game.

The offensive line’s improvement, driven by senior Hank Wagner and sophomores Anthony Petrochello, Milo Twining and Donald Crawford, further solidifies the team’s prospects. The addition of sophomore Frankie Dubsky as center reflects the team’s emphasis on both experience and strategic understanding, crucial elements in navigating intense game situations.

The Heralds’ determination to evolve extends beyond their lineup. The 2023 season introduces new opponents like Trinity, Wickliffe, Beachwood, Steubenville Central Catholic, and Lincoln West. These fresh challenges will undoubtedly test the Heralds’ progress and mettle. However, they won’t be devoid of familiar faces, as conference teams Windham, Chalker, and Pymatuning Valley continue to be part of their journey. Notably, the eagerly awaited rivalry game against Fairport Harbor in week 9 adds an extra layer of excitement to the season.

Coach Bob Dlwgosh, a guiding force behind the team’s resurgence, encapsulates the Heralds’ aspirations succinctly: “To be successful, we just need to carry this level of intensity and focus we’ve had all summer into the season and keep it for 10 weeks.” This attitude reflects the Heralds’ commitment to consistency and perseverance, traits that are vital in a sport as demanding as football.

The Saint John Heralds’ revival story is one of relentless effort, resilience, and the unbreakable spirit of a community united by a common goal. As they step onto the field for the 2023 season, they do so not just as a football team, but as a symbol of determination and transformation. With each play, each touchdown, and each victory, the Heralds are scripting a story of redemption that resonates far beyond the confines of a football field.

For those who can’t make it to the games in person, the Heralds’ journey will be available live on www.YSNlive.com, an opportunity for fans near and far to witness the resurgence of a team that’s ready to rewrite its destiny.


East Palestine, OH- With runners in scoring position, it was miller time for the Heralds. Tom Miller was clutch at the plate with runners on base on Thursday, driving in five on three hits to lead Saint John past the Wellsville Tigers 18-5 on Thursday.  Miller drove in runs on a single in the third, a single in the fourth, and a single in the seventh. Saint John earned the victory despite allowing Wellsville Tigers to score four runs in the third inning.  Wellsville’s big inning was driven by a single by Landes and an error on a ball put in play by Ramsey. The Heralds got things moving in the second inning.  Bryson Vennitti grounded out, scoring one run. Saint John exploded for seven runs in the seventh inning.  Anthony Severino, Ryan Williams, Matt Miller, Miller, and AJ Henslee each drove in runs during the inning. Will Anderson led things off on the hill for the Heralds. The right-handed sophomore hurler allowed ten hits and five runs over five innings, striking out 11 and walking zero. Landes led things off on the mound for the Tigers. The pitcher went three innings, allowing ten runs on ten hits, striking out three and walking zero.  Brewer and Heffner entered the game from the bullpen, throwing three innings and one inning respectively.

Saint John launched one home run on the day. Sophomore slugger Ryan Williams sent one packing in the seventh inning. The Heralds racked up an impressive 17 hits on the day. Truly a group effort as Tom and Matt Miller, Severino, Williams, Ezra Campbell, and Anderson each had multiple hits for Saint John.  Matt Miller led the Heralds with four hits in six at bats. The Wellsville Tigers totaled ten hits.  Brewer, Ramsey, and Landes all managed multiple hits for Wellsville Tigers.  Brewer went 3-for-3 at the plate to lead Wellsville in hits. The Heralds next matchup will truly be a test as they will face off against the number 1 seed Lake Center Christian Tigers 05/23/23 at the beautiful Cene Park in Struthers.


East Palestine, OH- Saint John grabbed the lead late in the game in a 16-4 victory over the Bristol Panthers on Monday.  The game was tied at four with the Heralds batting in the top of the fourth when sophomore Will Anderson singled on a 1-1 count, scoring one run. Bristol scored four runs in the second inning, but Saint John still managed to pull out the victory.  The offensive firepower by Bristol was led by Zack Caldwell, and Kaiden Kohler, all driving in runs in the inning. Saint got things started in the first inning.  An error scored one run for the Heralds. Saint John knotted the game up at four in the top of the third inning and scored one run when Matt Miller singled. The Heralds racked up six runs in the fifth inning.  Saint John put the pressure on, lead by singles by Anderson, Ezra Campbell, and Tom Miller,  by Jesus Hernandez and Vin Narducci, and a walk by Bryson Vennitti.


Miller was on the hill for Saint John. The pitcher went two innings, allowing four runs on zero hits and walking one. Brent Songer manned the rubber for Bristol Panthers. Songer went three and a third innings, allowing ten runs on ten hits and striking out one.  Caldwell and Jayden Miller entered the game as relief, throwing one and one-third innings and one-third of an inning respectively. Saint John had 13 hits in the game with Campbell, Miller, Anderson, and Miller each racking up multiple hits for the Heralds.  Campbell went 3-for-4 at the plate to lead the Heralds in hits. Jack Berry led Bristol with one hit in one at bats. Saint John went undefeated in league play in their first year as members of the NAC.  Saint John will travel to 7 seeded Wellsville for round one of the OHSAA playoffs on Thursday and Bristol is set to host 13 seed Lisbon on Thursdsay.


East Palestine, OH- In their first year as members of the Northeastern Athletic Conference (NAC), the Saint John Heralds have grabbed at least a share of the conference championship by beating the Bristol Panthers at home on Thursday 05/11/2023. Will Anderson didn’t allow a single run against Bristol Panthers, throwing a complete game shutout and leading the Saint John Heralds to a 4-0 victory on Thursday. In the second inning, Saint John got their offense started when Ryan Williams singled on a 1-2 count, scoring one run. Anderson led things off on the mound for the Heralds Varsity. The sophomore righthander surrendered zero runs on three hits over seven innings, striking out 14 and walking zero while showing off incredible command the entire afternoon.

An early bright spot for Bristol was a single by Kaiden Kohler in the first inning. Kohler also led things off on the hill for Bristol. The pitcher went five innings, allowing three runs on seven hits and striking out four.  Brent Songer threw one inning in relief late in the game. Saint John saw the ball well all day, racking up ten hits in the game.  Anderson, Williams, and Anthony Severino each racked up multiple hits for Heralds. Anderson led Saint John Heralds Varsity Baseball with three hits in four at bats.  Saint John didn’t commit a single error in the field. Severino had the most chances in the field with 13. The Heralds will meet the Panthers again on Monday 05/15/2023 in Bristol before both teams begin their OHSAA tournament games with Saint John playing against Wellsville and Bristol to square off against Lisbon.


East Palestine, OH- Aaron Wychock’s 4 hits and 5 RBIs helped lead the way for the Saint John Heralds over the Lordstown Red Devils 22-2 on Wednesday.  Wychock singled in the first, singled in the second, doubled in the fourth, and singled in the fifth. The Heralds got things started in the first inning when Anthony Severino singled on a 2-0 count, scoring one run. Saint John scored eight runs in the second inning.  The Heralds big bats were led by Ezra Campbell, Wychock, Will Anderson, Ryan Williams, and Bryson Vennitti, who all drove in runs.

Senior Jesus Hernandez started on the mound for Saint John going two innings, allowing one run on three hits, striking out four and walking zero. Saint John racked up 14 hits on the day.  Wychock, Anderson, and Campbell each had multiple hits for the  Heralds.  Wychock went 4-for-4 at the plate to lead Saint John in hits.  Severino led Saint John with two stolen bases, as they owned the base paths with seven stolen bases. The Heralds will host the Bristol Panthers in another NAC battle on 05/11/23 at Smith Field in Ashtabula.