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LOUISVILLE OH- This season, Louisville girls basketball has been firmly placed on the map in division 1. They are a nightmare for opposing teams to prepare for. One of the big trouble spots for other team’s coaches is senior leader Aubrey Thorne.

Aubrey is a dynamic talent for the Leopards. She gives their offense a player that score in a multitude of ways. No one is harder to guard than that. You can surely see why Aubrey causes other team’s so many problems.

Aubrey takes her leadership very seriously. As someone that looked up to older players as she was growing, Aubrey now gets to be the player the younger players look to for guidance. It’s a responsibility that Aubrey is happy to bare. She’s a big reason why the future is bright at Louisville even after she graduates.

Aubrey took the time to talk to Anthony Hartwig and Ty Bartell this week about her senior season. She talks about the growth she’s shown as a player, her future goals, and much more. Hear this exclusive interview with one of Louisville’s senior leaders.

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