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NEW MIDDLETOWN OH- When talking about Springfield Girls Basketball, senior captain Ava Vecchione stands as a beacon of leadership and determination. As the sole senior on the team, she shoulders the responsibility of guiding her teammates with an unwavering commitment to success.

After a remarkable season that saw the Tigers reach the state semifinals—an unprecedented achievement for the program—Vecchione understood the challenges that lay ahead. With key leaders graduating, she recognized the need to step into a prominent role. Embracing this challenge, she dedicated herself to enhancing both her offensive skills and her already formidable defensive capabilities.

Known for her ability to keep spirits high and confidence soaring, Vecchione takes pride in being a motivational force within the team. Her dedication extends beyond personal improvement, as she actively contributes to the development of future leaders within the program.

Last season’s statistics showcase her multifaceted contributions: 118 total points, averaging 4.5 points per game, along with 55 assists and 40 steals. In the early games of the current season, Vecchione has elevated her performance, averaging an impressive 13 points per game, complemented by 9 steals and 3 assists.

Vecchione’s defensive prowess shines through as she revels in getting into the heads of opposing players, forcing them into critical mistakes. Her work ethic, coupled with her strategic approach on the court, makes her an invaluable asset to the Tigers.

With her sights set on leading the team back to another regional championship, Vecchione exemplifies resilience, dedication, and a fierce competitive spirit. As the journey unfolds, she remains committed to leaving a lasting legacy and ensuring that the program’s future leaders are well-equipped for continued success.

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NEW MIDDLETOWN, OH – The Springfield Lady Tigers soccer team has a unique situation as they are returning a lot of players with a lot of talent and experience. These returners are poised for a big season and with those expectations comes the opportunity for leadership and one of those leaders is Ava Vecchione. Not only is she a leader on the field, she’s also someone who prides herself on letting her play speak for itself. Not only does she excel on the pitch, she takes care of business in the classroom too! Not only is Ava a soccer captain, she also plays basketball and track! All of these traits lead Ava to be one special talent for the Springfield Lady Tigers.

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NEW MIDDLETOWN OH- Here comes Springfield ready or not. They have been led to the mountain tops yet again.  For the second straight season the Tigers have won a district championship, and earned a trip to regional semifinals.  The Tigers knew coming in to this season that to compete at a regional level they would need to level up on defense.  They have absolutely done that. The Tigers defense has only given up 33.8 points per game.  One of the hallmarks of their stout defense is Ava Vecchione.

Ava has had the hard task this season of being put on every opponents best scorer.  The Tigers coaching staff trusts her the most for guarding talent.  Ava knew how much her defense would be relied on coming in to the year. She worked almost exclusively on her defensive craft heading into the year.  Ava averages over a steal per game as the Tigers average over 10 per game.  Ava has also increased her ball handling ability. She has become a great facilitator on the offense. She averages 2 assists per game.  She has scored over 100 points this season, and averages 4.5 per contest.  She is a Vidal asset in the Tigers success and we had to make sure she didn’t go under the radar.

Ava took the time to hop on an interview with YSN’s Anthony Hartwig to talk about her season, and the Tigers success.  They talk about the uprising of this program, the work she put in in the off-season, and so much more. Check out the latest Springfield Player Profile only on YSN.

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