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CANFIELD, OH- When you step on the field with South Range’s Luke Blasko, you know you’re in for a long night.  The Senior Raider has spent his tenure in the burgundy and gold making his opponents black and blue.  If you ask his coaches, he’d rather find contact than find paydirt.

That’s why the likes of his tailbacks over the past 4 years have sung his praises and this year is no different.  If you watch the film of Raider football, you’ll see that the path is often timed paved with bodies that #11 leaves in his wake.  So often that defensive coverages will often forget to cover him on a route, and he’ll be sitting alone in the flats or the end zone as if he was stood up on a blind date.

All of that aside, Blasko is a young man with a purpose, passion, and a desire for competition and finishing on top in all he does.

We caught up with Blasko and discussed his path to success at South Range, and what the future holds for this future leader in this week’s South Range Player Profile: The Crushin’ Russian.