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NORTH JACKSON, OH-  In the latest episode of YSN’s Coach’s Corner, host DJ Yokley sat down with the head basketball coach of the Jackson Milton Lady Blue Jay basketball team, Jeff Wilson. The conversation was centered around the team’s recent victory in the sectional win and the challenges they’ve faced over the years.

The interview highlighted the triumphs and struggles of the team, shedding light on their journey to success. Coach Wilson shared his pride and joy for the hardworking kids and the thrill of experiencing a varsity tournament win for the first time as a head coach.

Throughout the interview, Wilson expressed gratitude for the unwavering support from the Jackson Milton community, parents, and the school administration. He emphasized the importance of perseverance and embracing challenges, drawing from his personal experiences to impart valuable life lessons to his players and his children.

Despite the adversity faced, Coach Wilson’s determination and commitment to the team were evident as he reflected on the progress and growth of the players, emphasizing the importance of attitude, effort, and maintaining a positive mindset.

As the episode concluded, the interview revealed not only the coach’s dedication to the game but also the profound impact he has made on the lives of the players and the community.

The podcast episode served as a fitting tribute to the coach, acknowledging his resilience and leadership, and inspiring those who listened to persevere through life’s challenges.

The Jackson Milton Lady Blue Jay basketball team’s victory stands as a testament to their perseverance, hard work, and the unwavering support of their coach.



NORTH JACKSON OH- In a highly anticipated matchup to kick off tournament play, Jackson Milton  played host to St John on Wednesday night. With both teams hungry for postseason success, the stage was set for an intense battle on the hardwood. Ultimately, it was Jackson Milton who emerged victorious, setting the tone early and racing to a 64-50 win over St John.

Leading the charge for Jackson Milton was Emma Johns, whose impressive shooting display saw her tally an outstanding 24 points, including six three-pointers. Johns’ sharpshooting prowess ignited the offense and provided a spark for her team throughout the game.

Joining Johns in the scoring effort was Amani Yasin, who delivered a dominant performance with 18 points and 12 rebounds, securing a double-double in a display of strength and skill in the paint. Additionally, Hannah Huzyak, Macayle Thornhill, and Gabrielle Kerr each contributed 6 points to bolster Jackson Milton’s offensive output.

Despite a valiant effort from St John, led by Mickey Zheng with 23 points and Alyssa Cevera with 17 points, they were unable to overcome Jackson Milton’s early momentum and relentless attack.

With this crucial victory, Jackson Milton advances to the sectional final on Saturday, where they will face off against Badger in a highly anticipated showdown.

Game Photos HERE: https://ysn.smugmug.com/2-21-g-bb-jackson-milton-st-johns/2-21-g-bb-jackson-milton-st-johns/105EOS1D


COLUMBIANA OH- In a fast-paced and commanding performance, Columbiana emerged victorious in their non-conference showdown against Jackson Milton, securing a decisive 56-36 win on Tuesday night. From the opening tip-off, Columbiana seized control of the game and never looked back, showcasing their offensive prowess and defensive tenacity.

Leading the charge for Columbiana was Seth Struharik, who delivered an impressive 19-point performance, setting the tone for his team’s offensive attack. Maddox Brown added to the scoring onslaught with 16 points, while Ian Less contributed 9 points and Alex Eusebio chipped in with 6 points, further solidifying Columbiana’s dominance on the court.

Despite a valiant effort from Jackson Milton, led by Ryen Romigh with 18 points and Alex Rotuna with 7 points, they struggled to contain Columbiana’s relentless offensive pressure and fell short in their attempts to mount a comeback.

With this win, Columbiana improved their season record to an impressive 15-5, setting the stage for their upcoming matchup against Western Reserve on Friday. The victory not only extends Columbiana’s winning streak but also underscores their strength as a formidable opponent in both conference and non-conference play.

Meanwhile, Jackson Milton, with a record of 5-14, will look to regroup as they prepare to host Crestview on Friday. Despite the loss, Jackson Milton remains a resilient team, eager to bounce back and showcase their potential in future matchups.


MINERAL RIDGE OH- In a thrilling matchup that determined the fate of the MVAC Scarlet Tier Championship, Mineral Ridge wasted no time establishing their dominance, sprinting to a fast start en route to a commanding 66-39 victory over Jackson Milton.

Led by stellar performances from Ava Hulett, who contributed 20 points, and Sullivan Sandy, who added 15 points, Mineral Ridge showcased their depth and skill on both ends of the court. Gianna Gilbert chipped in with 9 points, while Lily Merolillo added 7 points to the Rams’ impressive offensive display.

Despite a valiant effort from Jackson Milton’s Emma Johns, who notched a game-high 23 points, the Rams’ relentless defense proved too much for the opposition.

With the win, Mineral Ridge secures the MVAC Scarlet Tier Championship, boasting a formidable 18-2 record. Their sights now turn to one final tournament tune-up as they host Maplewood on Thursday, gearing up for postseason action. On the other hand, Jackson Milton (8-9) will hit the road for a Thursday matchup against Campbell, looking to bounce back from the defeat and finish the season strong.


LOWELLVILLE OH- In a hard-fought battle on Friday night, Lowellville emerged victorious over Jackson Milton with a final score of 68-57. Michael Ballone led Lowellville’s scoring efforts with 15 points, closely followed by Ryan Neider with 14 points. Matt Lucido and Drew Modelski both contributed 12 points each to secure the win.

Jackson Milton’s Cayden Mitchell showcased an impressive game-high performance with 23 points, supported by Ryan Romigh with 14 points and Alex Rotuna adding 8 points.

With this win, Lowellville’s record stands at 10-6, and they are set for another matchup on Saturday against Heartland Christian. On the other side, Jackson Milton (5-11) will hit the road to face McDonald on Tuesday.


BERLIN CENTER, OH-  In a clash of titans that epitomized the essence of high school basketball rivalry, the Western Reserve Blue Devils emerged victorious over the Jackson Milton Blue Jays in a thrilling showdown for the illustrious President’s Memorial Trophy. With the 57th installment of their storied competition unfolding on the hardwood, Reserve showcased their mettle with a commanding 68-44 triumph over their fierce adversaries.

From the opening tip-off, it was evident that both teams were prepared to leave everything on the court in pursuit of glory and honor. The stakes were high, the atmosphere electric, and the intensity palpable as fans from both camps filled the stands, eagerly anticipating a contest for the ages.

Leading the charge for the Western Reserve Blue Devils was their formidable big man, Andrew Hendricks. With a dominating double-double performance, Hendricks showcased his prowess in the paint, tallying 14 crucial points while asserting his presence with authority under the boards. Hendricks’ unwavering commitment to excellence earned him the prestigious title of Player of the Game, a testament to his invaluable contributions to Reserve’s victory.

But Hendricks wasn’t the lone star shining bright for the Blue Devils. Dom Ricciardi, with a stellar display of offensive firepower, led all Devil scorers with an impressive 17 points, demonstrating his ability to rise to the occasion when it mattered most. Luke Henning bolstered Reserve’s offensive onslaught with 13 points of his own, while Brock Wellman rounded out the quartet of double-digit scorers with a solid 11 points, underscoring the team’s depth and resilience.

On the opposing side, the Jackson Milton Blue Jays fought valiantly throughout the contest, led by the dynamic duo of Ryan Romigh and Alex Rotuna. Romigh’s outstanding performance saw him finish with an impressive 23 points, while Rotuna contributed 10 points of his own in a commendable display of skill and determination.

Despite the Blue Jays’ tenacity and determination, they ultimately found themselves unable to withstand the relentless offensive barrage unleashed by their formidable opponents.

With this crucial victory, the Western Reserve Blue Devils improved their standing in the MVAC to three wins and six losses, while boasting an overall record of 4-11. Conversely, the Jackson Milton Blue Jays now stand at 3-6 in conference play, with an overall record of 5-8, as they regroup and prepare for the challenges that lie ahead.


NORTH JACKSON OH- In a snowy Friday where several games faced cancellations, Springfield embarked on a journey to Jackson Milton, securing a close 49-43 victory over the Blue Jays.

Sean Guerriero led Springfield’s scoring efforts with 15 points, complemented by Dylan Sheely contributing 10 points, and Isaac LaMorticella and Carson Cunningham adding 8 and 7 points, respectively.

On the Jackson Milton side, Ryan Romigh showcased a commendable performance with 17 points, supported by Cayden Mitchell with 8 points and Alex Rotuna contributing 6 points.

With this hard-fought win, Springfield (10-3) will hit the road for Western Reserve on Tuesday, aiming to extend their positive momentum. Jackson Milton (4-8) will also be on the road on Tuesday, traveling to Sebring, as they seek to regroup and bounce back from the narrow defeat.


MINERAL RIDGE OH- In a dominating performance, Mineral Ridge made quick work of McDonald on Thursday, securing a decisive 71-22 victory and maintaining their strong position in the MVAC.

Sullivan Sandy led the scoring charge for Mineral Ridge with an impressive 20 points, supported by Ava Hulett contributing 16 points, and Gianna Gilbert, Lily Merolillo, Norah Schnieder, and Sam Aulet each adding points to the winning effort.

With this commanding win, Mineral Ridge (14-1) looks forward to a home non-conference game on Monday as they host Mogadore. Meanwhile, McDonald (5-7) will stay within the league, traveling to Sebring on Monday in pursuit of a rebound victory.


In a dominant display, Jackson Milton secured another MVAC win on Thursday, running away from Sebring with a commanding 59-19 victory.

The standout performance of the night came from Amani Yasin, who achieved an incredibly rare quadruple double. Yasin notched 10 points, 10 assists, 10 rebounds, and an impressive 10 steals, showcasing her exceptional all-around contribution to the team. Emma Johns also delivered a stellar performance, scoring a career-high 25 points, while Macayle Thornhill added 6 points to the scoring effort.

With this comprehensive win, Jackson Milton (8-6) looks ahead to their next challenge on Monday when they host Western Reserve. On the other side, Sebring (4-11) will be home on Monday, facing McDonald and seeking to regroup after the challenging defeat.


NORTH JACKSON OH- Mineral Ridge asserted dominance in the MVAC, securing a convincing 59-37 victory over Jackson Milton. Ava Hulett led the charge with an impressive performance, contributing 22 points and 8 rebounds. Sullivan Sandy added 14 points, while Gianna Gilbert, Lily Merolillo, and Ava Carkido each chipped in with crucial points.

On the opposing side, Amani Yasin led Jackson Milton’s effort with 12 points, closely followed by Emma Johns with 10 points. Despite their contributions, Mineral Ridge’s early control of the game proved insurmountable for Jackson Milton.

With this win, Mineral Ridge now stands at an impressive 11-1 record and looks forward to hosting Sebring in their upcoming league play on Thursday. Jackson Milton, at 7-5, will hit the road to face Springfield in their next matchup on Thursday.