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SALEM, OH- One of the most influential names you’ll hear in our area no matter the conversation you’re in is Bob Sebo.

Mr. Sebo has been a Valley native going back to his childhood and being raised in Salem.  Bob was a featured member of the football, track, and basketball teams, and also lettered in the band at the time.

While his stint in sports was relatively short, his impact on area athletics has been felt seemingly forever.  Bob Sebo has had a successful career as a businessman and entrepreneur, so much so that he’s been able to give back to many causes, and sports programs around the country- and even more here in his backyard.

Bob Sebo is a man of humility who loves being able to pick up the phone and talk to coaches he’s met or even helped along the way.

For our first sit down with Bob Sebo, YSN’s DJ Yokley talks about the history, and passion that sports have provided for Bob, along with how his career in sports taught him to be in business.