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AUSTINTOWN OH- It’s time for another basketball season! Austintown Fitch is gearing up for another exciting year. The Falcons have put together one of the toughest schedules you’ll find on YSN.  Head coach Brian Beany wants to make sure when tournament time hits that his team is ready for any style of basketball opponents will throw at them.  The Falcons have a ton of talent at their disposal, and experience to go with it.

Coach Beany took the time to preview the season with Ty Bartell and Anthony Hartwig.  They talk about the Falcons tough schedule, leaders of the team, and much more. Check out Episode 1 of Coach’s Corner with Brian Beany.

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AUSTINTOWN OH- Success runs deep in the halls of Austintown Fitch. They say success breeds success, and that doesn’t ring more true than the basketball team. The Falcons hope to build off the excitement and leadership of the football season. The Falcons bring back a lot of players who know how to score. Despite losing Todd Simons, there are plenty of reason to be excited if you are a Fitch fan. The Falcons will look to consistently feed the nest this year against a tough schedule.

Head Coach Brian Beany was kind enough to jump on YSN’s Running Point to help us get a look at the Falcons upcoming season. He talks with Ty Bartell, and Anthony Hartwig about the leadership he has in the locker room, the culture of Fitch, and so much more. Episode 1 of Coach’s Corner with Brian Beany is live.

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YSN Austintown Fitch Boys Basketball Coach’s Corner (EP 1) with Brian Beany

AUSTINTOWN, OH- The Falcons have been flying early on this season to the tune of a winning record, and Head Coach Brian Beany is pushing the envelope on his guys with expectations for more.  At the end of the day, it’s going to take everything that Fitch has to offer to stand atop the AAC.  The conference is loaded with talent, and the Falcons certainly have their share.

The All-American Conference is on notice, and Fitch is looking to bring the crown back to A-town in 2020.

We sat down with Head Coach Brian Beany to discuss the year so far, and to catch up prior to the Boardman game.  We discuss talent in the area, AAU, and more in this edition of Austintown Fitch Boys Basketball Coach’s Corner (EP 1) with Brian Beany.

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